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Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) works with, and on behalf of, people with physical disabilities to drive positive change in Ireland through the influencing of public policy, the provision of quality services and enabling accessibility to all aspects of society.

The personal career opportunity with the Irish Wheelchair is numerous ranging from Personal Assistants to Chief executive officer. With the help of the Health services supervisory management skills Level 6 that I am currently taking, I will get the opportunity of a becoming a scheduling coordination which will be something different from being a healthcare assistant that I have done for the past seven years. This will involve ensuring a person centred service to be continually delivered to service users with the support of the Assisted living Service team. It will entail working in close collaboration with other scheduling officers with effective communication with staff and service users and reporting to the Co Ordinator.

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The duties will entail managing incoming calls, scheduling, planning and monitoring of service delivery. Providing staffing for absences caused by sick leave, annual leave, training attendance and emergencies. Having regular contact with service users and staff about day to day activities and keeping up to date records of customer relationship management. Understand and maintain company’s policies and procedures and seek improvement opportunities to maximise service. To be flexible and efficient in delivering my duties and make reports regularly for the line manager. Scheduling and rostering shifts as appropriate with good communications and inter personal skills. Marketing the company to help generate more revenue for the organisation, using CRM systems with excellent IT Skills and displaying good leadership skills. Be of good character and display the ability to work in a pressurised environment and demonstrate the ability to adapt quickly to change.

There will be work related issues like handling lateness to work or complains of staff not displaying professionality in displaying their duties; these are issues that might arise and dealing with it in an well-organised manner would be important so that activities can still be carried out as expected. The difficult area and nature of the job would be attending to emergencies of shortage of staff which will be ensuring that their enough back up and clients are not left unattended to. Another will be staff not displaying the professionalism expected of them after receiving proper induction and training.

All these are to be managed well so that the organisation does not lose the services that has been assigned to them by HSE.

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