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There was always this one question I dreaded the most when asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I was asked this question since I was young and even now. This one question would bring so much anxiety to me; people would never be satisfied with my answer.

Since I was young I have always been indecisive of what I wanted to do in the future. I was told to become a lawyer or a doctor, because of their salary. As I grew up I realized those jobs were not for me, and I became very worried once I went to high school. I was still unsure of my future, while everyone else was knew what they wanted to do. When I was young, I was only aware of a handful of careers, and the adults around me made it seem like those were the only acceptable ones. When in reality, there is a job for everything and everyone, you just have to find it. During high school, it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to focus on. During junior year I decided that I want to turn my hobby of art into a career. I did some research and I have decided in the future I would like to pursue a career in the fine arts, but there a huge selection to choose from. I was intrigued by the job of product designers, they usually work from design briefs to create new products that are innovative, but practical and work within the budget they are given.

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Product designer creates products from furniture to cars, and even home appliances. It is possible to be self-employment or do freelance work in this profession. A typical salary is around $85, 000 per year in the United States. Product designers usually have a degree in HNC/HND in product design. For training, it is a combination of on-the-job training and understanding software packaging is very essential in this field of work. A product designer must be up to date with the newest materials and technology. Which is one thing I am concerned about this job, I am not very tech savvy, although I am always willing to learn. Product designers usually work around 37 hours a week from Monday through Friday, and additional hours if needed for deadlines. Freelance and contract work are common, and there are possibilities to also work part-time. I was interested to become a product designer because I have done projects similar to this in my business classes, where we had to make certain items and figure out the cost of materials and price. I enjoyed the project even though it was quite stressful at times. I thought it was great to do something creative while maintaining a excellent salary. I would also like to pursue as an illustrator. Illustrators salary can range from $29, 000 to $65, 000 per year, but the average is $53, 000 a year. They usually work from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Typically they work from home or in a studio.

Several illustrators are self-employed and work freelance. They often have other paid jobs while they try to build up their business. It is also a very competitive field, which also worries me in a way, but every job will always have competition. If I were to become an illustrator I would be using my creative skills to develop and produce visual images for various products. I do have some experience doing this. I have made t-shirts for clubs and I have done art commissions (custom bookmark usually) for some of my friends. Another job I am attracted to is comic book writer/artist they have an annual salary of around $53, 080. I also love coming up ideas for stories, but unfortunately, I struggle with the actual writing part. I want to practice writing creatively before I decide to take up this career.

I also really like the idea of a becoming an art director, it involves working in a variety of jobs such as theater, advertising, marketing, publishing, fashion, film and television, the Internet, and video games. Art directors are responsible for the overall visual aspect, art directors salaries can vary from $82, 098 and $115, 601. The starting salary can start at $41, 500 per year. Although the salary and the job itself is fantastic, this job involves more working with a team to create the client's vision, I really want to create my own artwork, because that what I really enjoy. As long as I truly enjoy my job and not tolerate for the salary, I think I will be fine.

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