My Career Plans to Become a Software Architect


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This course has opened up my eyes to many different things about myself, my past, and my future. It has made me be more organized and aware of the different opportunities in Information Technology. This essay is about me, and what I’m planning on doing with my life. It is up to me to choose what I want to do and how I will go by it, so this is me showing it.

Once I get out of High School, I hope to continue my education in the University of Toronto in Computer Science. I hope that this will get me to my end goal, which is to become a software architect. That being said, my goal is very far away from where I am today. So to get there I need to first finish High School with a good overall average. I think that so far, I am on the right track. I have already completed all of my 40 volunteer hours, and am continuing to get more in a nearby soup kitchen. I have shown this in my E-portfolio.

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To become a Software Architect, I need to get into the University of Toronto in Computer Science. For that, I will need to get good grades, especially in Mathematics and Science. I have represented this in my possible pathways assignment which is saved in my E-Portfolio Many people want to be in the Information Technology sector and to be honest, most of them succeed in it, but not with the best salaries or respect. My goal is to become a great personality in this field. I have never been the kind of person who would be fine with being average, I have always wanted to be an exception. This course has helped me recognize my strengths, my overall personality and made me realize that i am resilient. Thanks to that, I have been able to choose my career path with ease. I have always been into tech, how a software is made, who are the masterminds behind a very successful game, etc. I want to make something exceptional, something that will change the IT field, just like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. I demonstrated my strengths and resiliency to become someone like this in the surveys I took, and the assignment I did throughout this course.

Like I said, I have learned a lot about myself through this course. I learned how I need to work to learn the best, what I need to do to get to my goal, and what truly will make me happy at the end of the day. It is up to me now to prove myself to my parents and the world that I can be very successful in my life. I will always remember the lessons I learned in this course and apply them to my career so that I can be successful. I have talked the talk, and now, it is time to walk the walk.

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