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My Curiosity About The Biotechnology

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Albeit juvenile but with the conscience that a youngster encompasses, I used to speculate over ostensibly simple phenomenon; for instance, what makes milk turn into yogurt? Why our food items get spoiled on putting it in open air for certain time period? Who could have taught the practitioner medic that this is how a particular disease is being diagnosed? How a man gets ill? Why a son looks like his parents? Why some diseases are quite prevalent in certain families since generations? Why people belonging to certain creed/cast show similar behavioral patterns? How a food could become a source of energy to one’s body? How a weed plant could cure an animal’s ailment? What a certain tablet contains which actually roots out an ailment from the body and sometimes why the same medicine is found ineffective to that disease? How drying/salting can increase the shelf life of certain vegetable? The list goes on along with my curiosity about the science and its methodologies to deal with certain happening. Moreover, the day I came across the basic knowledge of plant/animal cell I used to astonish on the fact that how the tiny compartments organize themselves to control the immense number of tremendously complex functions of the organism bearing them in.

The basic knowledge of DNA, at my matriculation level, became the center of my attention because these are the molecules which control the whole biological system of a human being. Theoretical exposure to such sophisticated biomolecules i.e. Proteins and RNAs contained my cognition to such a level that it makes me praise my Almighty Allah with augmented zeal for His unmatched persona of creation. The splendor of His ventures on earth: from the creation of Man to a diminutive animalcule living under deep sea vents; is that everything has a purpose of its existence or ecological niche, meaning thereby nothing is permissive on the face of earth, all it needs is conscience to ponder upon. And there is no wrong to say, it is Biotechnology which, by rendering its highly sophisticated techniques is painstakingly making the divinely saying true. Hence, the essence of this knowledge, in a nutshell, is that in the eyes of biotechnology, nothing is waste.

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Everything can be used in a profitable way and then the leftovers can be recycled to make something else and so on and so forth. Consequently, again there is no rebuffing the fact that all these living things and their processes can be manipulated by the man for its own good or services, which on scientific terms would enfold itself to Biotechnology.


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