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My Decision to Study Law

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My decision to study Law has stemmed from my belief that every individual in society deserves justice irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, class, gender or nationality. The way I have witnessed how the law has been occasionally bent/maneuvered to suit the pursuits of those in power has strengthened my desire to genuinely help those individuals who lack the resources to legally further their case. I think if a step like this can be taken by one then gradually others will follow so that the oppressed can have a bigger say than before otherwise the law is not being implemented for the reasons for which it was created in the first place.

Although I did not study Law as one of my 3 ‘A’ Level subjects, I thoroughly enjoy reading and conversing about its place in society. During one study of my A Level Psychology course, Zimbardo’s Prison Simulation Experiment was the main topic. I found this particular research very appealing as it opened my mind as to how prisons function in accordance to the type and duration of imprisonment each criminal receives and how it affects their emotional intelligence. It helped me make a connection with regard to the evident pattern of criminality that continues to live in the lives of those either correctly or falsely accused and the ways through which effective laws can be introduced to prevent this ongoing behaviour. Through this I found how closely correlated Psychology and Law are. Initially my plan was to pursue psychology but the case studies I came across made me realise that if proper prison laws are introduced and appropriately implemented then the impact it would have on the treatment of convicts and prison environment would be magnanimous. Since this issue is rampant globally, I decided to take law as a career option for it is the one thing that ensures how society should function in an orderly manner.

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Furthermore, I believe my A Level subjects of History and Sociology complement each other well and would give me an advantage in pursuing law at university level as they have enhanced my skills pertaining to investigative and rational analysis of issue pervasive in society. History has improved my ability to write a balanced and well-constructed argument while simultaneously incorporating multiple events taking place at one and the receding effect on the future. I have also been able to explore issues related to law such as international justice with regard to the situation of prisoners of war, the use of chemical weapons that go uncontested by other nations, genocide and the differing attitudes to law displayed by different political regimes. Through this I have developed a keen sense of justice and an interest in international Criminal justice with the hope that I can play part in global legal matters.

I have chosen a Law degree because it will enable me to study Criminal and Human Rights Law in more depth. The practical basis of this course, will expand my knowledge and also help me understand legal aspects of law and their impact on society. Along with this sociology has given me an insight into criminology which highly fascinates me hence I would consider working with the Prison Service.


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