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Have you ever been in a situation where someone made of your race, nationality, or skin tone? If you have experienced this, then you have gone through racism. You might ask, what does racism mean? A thing that unlucky hasn't left our planet earth from ages and ages. We are in a world where the noun racism is unfortunately well spread and still present. The word racism is originated from the word “race,” which according to ( 2019, race means a family, tribe, people, or nation belonging to the same stock. The act of racism means discriminating between different skin tones or cultures.

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Firstly, people can be racist and discriminating between people of different cultures. People might not like having people from different countries residing in theirs. Immigrants, for example, are not usually welcomed by citizens of the country they’re residing in. The people can be racist by not allowing them to have the same rights as normal citizens, or they might not allow them to use specific facilities that the country provides.

Likewise, the word racism can be understood in many different ways. Racial discrimination or in other words racism basically and simply means judging a person on their hierarchy ranking. It is normally based on the equal treatment of people because of their skin color which leads to characterizing their origin or community. Most people try to hide the fact that their racist but usually their actions would speak differently.

Also, back in history, racism was a huge issue, an example supporting that information is the Atlantic slave trade. Another well-known example of racism is the enslavement of Africans by the Americans and Europeans. Racism can be divided into many different types, some of its types include historical racism, scientific racism, institutional racism, and the new racism. You might belittle the effect of racist comments on people, however, they leave a huge impact.

In conclusion, I would like to state, we've all experienced racism which is, the act of racism means discriminating between different skin tones or cultures. Thinking you're better or having more control of another person. Sad to say racial discrimination could result in causing low self-esteem and depression. Your skin color, your culture, and your religion do not matter what really matters is who you are. Everyone should be treated in the same way and in the right way. People need to be respected, we all have a voice. We need to use it.

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