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The old and famous teaching methodology in India was the Gurukul system. And the knowledge that the students gained residing with their gurus was far more wholesome than what students gain in today’s classroom teaching.

The best feature of the Gurukul system was that, apart from gaining knowledge, life skills were honed and moral values were inculcated in students which is almost absent these days. In the present day of industry 4.0, ethics Is the only USP that human beings have compared to AI machines.

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No teaching methodology would be complete if it does not have a moral value addition.

What is heard is easily forgotten what is seen is better remembered but what is performed or experienced lasts for a lifetime.

So there must be a practical part to any subject where students are exposed to hands-on training in a few important aspects of the subject. Group activities should be encouraged so that teamwork skills are also improved. Mini projects for every course can be planned so that there is something that a student experiences in every course he/she takes and remains with him/her forever. Animation, working models are great ways of imprinting students’ minds with the content of a course. Such means cater the reach of content to a larger number of students including slow and passive learners.

At least once in every academic year faculty should be given practical sessions in the relevant subjects by the prospective employers of the students.

The industry academia gap should be bridged so that the employability of the students is maintained high. Annually every specialization streams in India like Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, or Biochemistry can have a one-week program where teaching methodologies and subject content are discussed and developed to meet industrial and world requirements.

The primary duty of every teacher is teaching. Secondary responsibility is research. To facilitate teachers to improve their academic and research output they should be relieved from any kind of clerical activity. Infrastructure should be put in use to save time and make most permissions and approvals online.

A specified percentage of assessment should be given for out-of-box thinking. The percentage of assessment based on rote learning should be eradicated.

The teaching methodology should be crafted such that every student should look forward to every class and start developing an affinity for the courses. Learning should go beyond semester examinations and internal assessments. It should make every student more humane, sensitized to the environment and our nation at large so that whatever is learned could be put to use for the development of our country. 

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