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My Desire to Continue Study Medicine in Britain

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We see a stranger fall suddenly in the middle of the road. The first thought that comes to our mind is how to save him. When I see someone bleed, the image that comes into my mind is that of white coats and bandages. For most, an image that soon follows any physical pain or injury is that of a doctor, and this is the same impact that I want to have on others’ lives.

As a doctor I will be able to apply my passion for the sciences and fulfill my desire to contribute to the creation of a better society. It is a career that requires a great deal of compassion, empathy, communication skills and effective teamwork. My studies in the field of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at the Higher Levels in the IBDP have given me a better understanding of the application of scientific theories, and my passion for these subjects has led me to try and understand concepts beyond the curriculum and do research work, like the one I did on organic farming. When my teammates and I presented our research in xenotransplantation I could consider the social and ethical issues in the medical field. Both these experiences have enhanced my knowledge, teamwork and communication skills.

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My desire to become a doctor increased after working in the hospitals of Dubai. While watching and working with the members of staff in hospitals, I was able to understand the structure and workings of a hospital. I could value the extent of cooperation required between the expert and other members involved in medical services. The more and the better this cooperation the more effective and powerful is the medical treatment. I made use of the opportunity to interact with patients individually, which empowered me to tailor my communication abilities to suit the patient. My time in the hospital concluded with a presentation given to the junior doctors, which improved my communication skills. I developed deep admiration for the advisor who could instill faith in and provide consolation to his patients, even in the most desperate conditions. I even observed an operation of a patient’s humerus after a comminuted fracture. I gained a great deal from my time spent at old age homes as I developed my sensitivity and my ability to converse with patients and provide comfort to them. Both these experiences gave me wide knowledge regarding the attributes which a specialist must have, being caring, approachable and competent constantly, all of which I believe are the strongest aspects of my personality. Reflecting upon these experiences, I realize that practicing Medicine is my vocation.

My work experience in Medicine so far has given me an idea of what a career in Medicine entails and this has made me more determined to pursue it. I will continue to gain work experience in the field in December and in May. I enjoy playing a variety of sports such as soccer, hockey and basketball. I have captained the school teams of soccer and hockey, which have been undefeated throughout the tournament. We won the trophy primarily because of my teamwork, communication and coordination skills. Sports helps me relax and I expect that my involvement in it will be a stress-buster, compensating for a doctor’s stressful life and keeping me healthy. I have gained the bronze medal for the International Award for Young People and I am currently pursuing the silver medal. By playing the trumpet, the euphonium and the sousaphone at different stages in the school band, I have nurtured my creative skills as well. A medical professional in Medicine will require training in an advanced and professional environment and a high level of commitment.

I will be able to gain this kind of exposure in the British universities. As a persevering, self-motivated and caring person I look forward to the challenges and commitment that both university life and the medical career will involve. My ultimate goal is to fulfill my desire of contributing to the advancement of healthcare and providing an ideal treatment to my patients.


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