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My desire to study adult nursing begun when both my grandmother’s and father passed away due to the lack of proper health treatment and professionals in their country, due to the poor health system in their country; Nigeria. This led me to do my own research and I discovered that over 90% of the deaths in under privileged countries are caused by the lack of care and poor attitudes of the workers. My aspiration to be able to leave a part of myself in a person’s life positively has encouraged me to take on this journey of studying to become a qualified adult nurse so I have the opportunity to deliver the best quality of care a service users’ needs, and also have the chance to expand my knowledge and experience into these under developed countries that unfortunately suffer from poor health amenities due to not being able to afford it. I hope I would be able to open health clinics that allow people in these countries that cannot afford health service a chance to have their health needs treated.

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One of the units in the course I am currently studying enabled me to learn about meeting individual care and support needs. This unit gave me an introduction of the values, skills and challenges I would need and face taking on a career in the health and social sector. An example of the values I learnt are the ‘6Cs’ which are the back bone of the healthcare industry. This gave me an understanding on how to communicate to deliver care and support, enabled me to be to care and have competence for service users and the courage and commitment to achieve to the best of my ability. Fortunately, my course also enabled me to complete 100 hours of work placement at any health and social sector where I was able to show the values and skills I learnt. One of the places I attended was a Nursing care home for elderly people with dementia. Dementia is a disease that causes memory loss. During my time at the care home I faced numerous challenging occasions, for example, residents asked me to assist them in getting ready for work, or to call a cab for them so they could go home or even to take them back to their mother. This left me confused and I struggled at first to reply correctly so I asked for help from the nurses in order not to make a mistake. Watching the nurses reassure the residents taught me how to act in such situations and to not decline the residents but to ease their confusion. I was also able to be part of a care team assisting residents with their needs. I got the pleasure to interact with residents by talking and listening to them which enabled me to build relationships with them. During this time, I was also able to overshadow the nurses and get an insight of the day to day activities; from how medication was kept to how each resident had specific way to be given the medicine, I was able to attend doctor meetings with the nurses and residents and learnt basic first aid skills from them.

I also completed a placement at a primary school which I found extremely challenging as I was working with children in the early stage of their education. I assisted the children with their reading, writing, math and phonics. This gave me an opportunity to improve my communication skills and competence as working with children I had to have a lot of patience and not pressure them. I discovered during my time working with children I had to show a lot of kindness and speak in a lighter tone to get them to trust me, so I can build positive relationships with them. My time at the primary school enlightened me and made me realize how much I enjoy working with children but it helped me know my path was in working with adult and elderly people. Outsides of my studies, I have worked in the retail sector. Where I got my first job as a Sales assistant at JD Sports and now currently working as Customer service assistant at Sainsburys. Working as a sales and customer service assistant is a very vital role as it is the first interaction a customer has, and it is important to make a good first impression and make sure their experience is positive. This gave me an opportunity to commit to something and have experience in working in a fast-paced busy environment. Over the summer I volunteered as an associate senior mentor on the National Citizen Service (NCS the Challenge) which is a program for young people over the summer to gain experience and embark on new opportunities. This gave me an opportunity to work with young people between the ages of 15-17. I worked alongside the Senior mentors and helped young people with challenging situations, for example, I had to help young people plan a pitch to present to professionals on why the need to be funded for a charity event to raise money for elderly people with dementia. I also had to take young people to the Dementia care home, so they could partake in a volunteer day where they did a cultural day for the residents. This was very exciting and engaging as it gave the residents a chance to interact with new faces and a chance to be active. This allowed me to improve my leadership skills and allowed me to show responsibility as I was responsible for a group up to 11 young people.

Furthermore, taking a step into University to gain the knowledge on becoming an adult nurse would open me to various opportunities as I know I would be partaking on practical work placements in places such as hospitals, clinics, prisons etc. which would give me an insight in a day of being a nurse and gives me the academic knowledge it takes to become a nurse.

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