My Desire to Study Criminology and Psychology

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My desire to study Criminology and Psychology grows from the interest in enhancing my knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and how this can be linked to the criminal justice system. I am interested in discovering why specific groups in society commit specific crimes and understanding the nature, motivations and backgrounds of those who commit crime. Learning about biological psychology would allow me to establish whether certain individuals are genetically predetermined to possess specific genes which increase the likelihood of them committing crime. I am intrigued by how crime has become a major part of our society and how it can be argued that crime enables it to function. Emigrating from Portugal to England has enabled me to recognise how the criminal justice systems in each country are differing to each other in terms of punishment, and what is considered as criminal. I am keen to extend my knowledge of criminality and the power of the human mind.

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I am particularly intrigued in studying youth justice to gain an insight as to how young people are policed, prosecuted and punished within the criminal justice system. I am also interested in offender management as I am curious about the techniques used in the management of prisons, and the effects that prisons can have on an individual serving a sentence. Moreover, the aspect of studying social psychology fascinates me as I am interested in how an individual’s behaviour and feelings can be influence due to the presence of another individual. Studying Criminology and Psychology would strengthen my knowledge of the criminal mind and allow me to understand how crime can be reduced and prevented in society.

Through completing the Extended Project, I acquired several skills which I will be able to transfer to support me while studying Criminology and Psychology. For example, through writing a report on the topic of my choice, I learned how to structure and write a debate clearly and concisely and this is a skill which will be crucial for university. I also had the opportunity to present my ideas and findings to a group of people and this enabled me to strengthen my confidence, improve my communication skills and refine my presentation skills. Additionally, in order to produce my report I had to read several primary and secondary sources and reference them using the correct system, and this boosted my independent learning skills and allowed me to understand how to choose suitable information for an essay. Also while completing my A Levels I had to stay on track with multiple projects and deadlines and this enabled me to gain commitment and time management skills. In addition, being bilingual has provided me with understanding of laws in different countries and has allowed me to be exposed to contrasting cultures which means that I am able to adjust in several differing surroundings.

Due to my interest in the subject, I often visit the local courts near me to watch cases taking place in order to gain a greater insight into the criminal justice system. Watching the defendants get questioned made me curious as to what caused them to commit the offences that they have. I have also been working in a restaurant and this has allowed me to gain team working skills and has taught me to work well under pressure.

I want to extend my knowledge of the wide and diverse aspects of Criminology and Psychology and hope that I will be able to achieve this in the setting of university. University would provide me with deeper comprehension of the human mind from people who are passionate and experts in their field. I believe that I possess the skills and motivation needed to succeed in this course and I hope that I get the opportunity to do so.

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