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I am applying for a place to study Paramedic Science at your University. On visiting your university instantly I felt the committed supportiveness from both staff and current students. My goal is to work towards becoming a full-time Paramedic. Being a mature student, I feel it has allowed me time to learn life lessons and develop an understanding on the career I want to place myself within and being aware of devoting time. I feel that the four-year-old girl who uses to dress up as a nurse applying bandages is still alive in me. I want to undertake this position rather than another position in the health professional as I like to work on the front line, meeting different people on a daily basis. I react well under pressure and excel in a fast-paced work climate. I have been volunteering with St John’s Ambulance, this has enabled me to help be part of a team, helping saving lives in my community also learning first aid alongside other important life skills. I have had the pleasure of meeting some incredible people and working alongside registered Paramedics and professionals. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time volunteering within a dedicated organization and such courage as the NHS. In the new year, I will be studying and taking my C1 driving license.

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I am excited about the different core modules and putting both theory and practical to the test on placements but specifically interested in learning Pharmacology the science of drugs and the techniques from biochemistry. I started my career in a different field to which I currently work in today as I developed a caring and compassionate attitude in helping people and I have grown to help people to find solutions that meet their specific needs whilst making an impact on their lives. I feel incredibly lucky that the Healthcare profession has allowed me to fulfill this. Ten years of experience working directly with people have influenced me in wanting to register as a Paramedic to continue helping people on an enhanced level. I have held several positions of responsibility from senior to a registered manager, I am honored to have been able to progress throughout my career in the Care sector. I completed various qualifications in this time which I am very proud of. As you can see since leaving full-time education I have regularly undertaken studies, I personally enjoy developing new skills and I am always eager to learn off my interests, I believe I have a thirst for knowledge. I certainly feel from my time as a registered manager it has provided me with the transferable skills, experience and time management which will benefit me during my time at the university and successfully completing my degree.

I have learnt to effectively understand and resolve issues. It is through the years personal and professional that I have been able to grow into the person I am today. I share the same 6c’s equal values as the NHS in all the care I provide, this has inspired myself through the quality of work I provide.

My professional life is a huge part of who I am. I am a people’s person and I really enjoy working with people. I believe I communicate clearly and pay attention to detail, in addition, I am a creative thinker and problem solver.

All through my career and life I have worked with a wide variety of people and ages, from toddlers to elderly alongside health conditions I have faced multiple emergency situations where I feel I have expressed my cool head in reacting well under pressure, including an incident when I was with a client and her heart stopped whilst in a public restroom.

At the beginning of 2018, I made a change in the clientele I work with as I wanted more of a challenge and I wanted to gain more experience working with challenging behavior. Since starting with the company my manager has promoted me into a senior role, trusting my work and complimented me as a role model to fellow employees with my positive attitude, commitment, and outlook on life, when an issue has arisen she felt I solved them and worked to avoid future problems by learning from mistakes. My main strength is my flexibility to handle change. I pride myself on my customer service skills and my ability to resolve what could be a difficult situation. On a related note, I also have strong communication skills, which help me work well with people and team members. I feel I am too critical of myself, I have always prided myself on producing excellent and error-free work. While this is a benefit to my performance, it can also go to the extremes. I have found in the past I can spend time checking and rechecking. Now I am aware of what to look for in being such a stickler, so I am always making a conscious effort to trust myself and my quality focus more and not be so critical of my work.

To become a Paramedic, it would allow me to spend my days doing something I am passionate about. I would bring courage, competence, commitment and my positive attitude to the organization I work for. I am at the same time nervous and excited of what my future holds but I know I am more than willing to put in the time and dedication to fulfill my dream to becoming a caring member of the NHS.

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