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Why Athletic Director Is My Dream Job and How It Inspires Me

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Having your dream job is not something that many people can say they obtain. There are people that work their whole lives striving for one goal and many times it doesn’t work out. But, if you truly want something bad enough, then you have to be willing to take that risk. In the world of sports, there are endless options and opportunities waiting to be explored. I have fantasized for many years about the occupation I may choose as my career; but out of the all the jobs that I have studied and researched, there is only one that truly keeps drawing me near. Becoming the Athletic Director at Texas Tech University would be a dream come true and I know that it is something I can surely reach in my future with hard work and determination. For as long as I can remember, Texas Tech athletic programs have been a huge part of my life. I’ve idolized moments over the years such as Michael Crabtree’s famous catch against Texas and the basketball team making a trip to the Elite 8 this past season.

Though I enjoy watching other teams play, nothing can compare to seeing the Red Raiders compete in sports every year. I’ve never once seen myself working in any other industry and I know from my past experiences, that Texas Tech is the place I would love to call home. I want to be involved in Tech’s sports programs every single day of the week and working as the Athletic Director would grant me that opportunity and so much more. I want to say that one day I was able to reach the same amount of success in this position as current Athletic Director, Kirby Hocutt. Seeing myself as the leader of Texas Tech Athletics is a wild dream, but with the help of this course and the ones further in my degree plan, I will have a head start in chasing it. As said numerous occasions in class already, I’ve learned that starting internships as early as possible can be extremely beneficial for a future in this industry. I plan to start my interning career with the Tech football team next year as a Student Equipment Manager, hoping that it will give me insight into 3how the game of college football works from a first-person view. As I progress with this class, I hope to learn the basics of operating and overseeing an athletic department.

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For the most part, I know of all general rules and etiquette of the many collegiate sports that Texas Tech has to offer; there are still many things I intend to improve on, however. It is necessary for me to further my understanding of the business of college athletics, more so than how the actual game itself is played. Considering my minor is General Business, I believe learning business aspects that this occupation will utilize for business deals, contracts, and negotiations will be essential to my success. One other important thing I would like to learn from this class, is how to search and ensure employment to reliable people.

As an Athletic Director I would be responsible for hiring and/or firing employees that work for me and I believe knowing what to look for in a candidate would be crucial in this position. While searching for a job opening as an Athletic Director on a collegiate level, I realize that there are minimal opportunities. Someone in this position is usually employed there for many years unless they fail to perform at the rate in which they’re expected. On the NCAA Job Market website, an opening is listed for the Athletic Director at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi. There are a lot of responsibilities the Athletic Director upholds: serving on the President’s Cabinet, maintaining high oversight of academics for athletes, and balancing a competitive athletic department simultaneously. A 4-year bachelor’s degree is required, though they do prefer someone with a masters. Five years of successful administrative experience in collegiate sport, and a good background of social and academic integrity, are all necessities as well. For experience, they specify on being able to plan and organize, multitask, and budget funds for the athletic department effectively. These values are important mainly due to the organization striving to create a successful athletic department, both 4on and off the playing surface. Altogether, they are searching for someone who has a large amount of experience and passion for creating an exceptional culture for the student athlete in the classroom and in their respected sport. As I mentioned above, it is essential for an A.D to hire the correct person for a position.

They must know what credentials and assets are needed for the job, along with confidence in the person they carefully choose. If the wrong choice is made, it could mean the end of either person’s job with that organization; therefore, it is very important that an Athletic Director makes correct decisions when hiring. This is considered a very high-end position within a university, so your professional communication skills must be top notch as well. On an everyday basis, you will participate in speeches, typing e-mails, or even just communicating with peers and people with a higher authority. All of those cases require excellent public speaking and communication skills, especially at major universities. An Athletic Director oversees every intercollegiate sport the school has to offer, is responsible for the employment of faculty, and most importantly, manages the athletic department’s finances. Being on top of finances include: giving a budget on what a team pays for a hotel room, a coach’s salary, and many other aspects of authority. Though managing all of these aspects is crucial, you must love what you’re doing to be good at this job. If your passion doesn’t revolve around the world of sport, then you’re in the wrong position.

In today’s world, being an Athletic Director doesn’t just mean to create a winning team on the field, it genuinely means to be the leader of student athletes on their road to excellence in whatever they choose to pursue. Of course, creating partnerships, bringing in revenue and developing winning programs are important as an A.D, but nothing can compare to setting up the next generation for success. That is the true reason that I would love to have this job someday; to 5say that I guided student athletes and allowed them to prosper in their lives would be great to be a part of. I know that Texas Tech will be my permanent home one day and I’m ready for the journey that I will embark upon to become their future Athletic Director.


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