My Dream to Become a Psychiatric Nurse

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My Dream to Become a Psychiatric Nurse

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I was raised in a home where we have to respect the beliefs, attitudes, and values of others even if we do not always agree with them, we have to learn how to respect them. From a very small age I was taught that values is what makes you who you are, having values helps you live your life, and it helps you grow as a person. Values and beliefs can help you get out of bad situations. Personally for me having values and beliefs has most definitely helped me avoid situations where I had felt peer pressured. Values and beliefs are qualities that an individual holds as high standards as they guide you throughout life, making your own decisions. Values and beliefs can be passed down from families, culture, friends, school etc. Having values and beliefs is so important because we praise what we think is significant to us, not only that but it is also so beautiful to defend ourselves in situations where we feel discriminated, peer pressured, bullied,the list can go on,etc.

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My dream is to keep focused in my education and become a psychiatrist nurse, I want to help people with mental illness, and I want more help to be provided. I don't want to see families struggling because they don't have money or the knowledge to know what is going on with them, their child, or their partner, such as my family did.My dream is to keep enduring in my studies, get my degree as a psychiatrist nurse, and join a campaign to help people with mental illness, like my brother and others who suffer as well. Anything can be conquered once you set your into what you desire, and I have a vision that I will make a difference in this society.

I am passionate about so many things but something I love doing is helping people out. When I had figured out that was one of the things that I was so passionate about and actually good at, that is when I had decided I wanted to become a nurse.I love to take care of people and help them in any way I possibly can. I had noticed that I really enjoy being around my brother in his times of need and everytime I could help him I will get a internal satisfaction.When I become a nurse I want to give my patients a sense of purpose in life and fulfilment. Not only that, but I also want to touch peoples live, and help them cope with whatever they can’t do by themselves.

My academic goal is to finish my bachelor’s degree as a nurse in four years. After that I want to start working to pay off my student loans but I also want to pursue my education and earn a master's degree and hopefully a doctorate degree in nursing, if possible.I want to pursue in what I love doing which is helping people out, and I want to do it until I retire but a professional goal I am seeking to accomplish is owning my own business. I want to own some sort of business that I will benefit from, and with that money I want to help my family provide for my schizophrenic brother.

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