My Dream to Become an Entrepreneur

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My Dream to Become an Entrepreneur

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During my early years, I had always wondered what it meant to live in a world that my dad lives in. The way he was constantly dealing with people had always intrigued me and has sparked interest within me over the years. I brood over the memories of sitting in my dad’s office and observing how well he managed his employees and how he tackled all kind of problems. It is very essential to have business skills in order to endure with the world’s fast growing economy. In my opinion, the United States of America is incomparable, when it’s about business education and economic point of view.

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As a business fanatic, I actively participated in my college and school’s BEE club (business, economics, and entrepreneurship). It was a stimulation exercise aimed at giving students the insight of how a business actually worked. In this small business initiative, we established a bakery, keeping in mind the preference of our customers. This venture helped me learn about marketing strategies, operational planning, and has refined various skills such as management skills and communication skills. Pursuing entrepreneurship further at your renowned university, cultivating my skills and constructing on it, is what i yearn for.

My interest in pursuit in business has never prohibited or obstructed me from taking part in numerous other kinds of extracurricular activities. I have been a backstage member of my school for many stage productions. This has given me a slight notion of how it’s like to work under stress and taught me how to be placid at any given circumstance. I have been a state level basketball player and a district level athlete for during my school days. This has given me a lot of opportunity to represent my school. Handling a demanding academic schedule along with transcendence on the sports field has implanted in me the significance of time management, focus and hard work. I have had a chance to engage in public speaking and programs like MUN in which was held in wood stock school.

Other than academics and sports I also believe devoting to the society in small ways. Hence I had volunteered to teach the under privileged children who lived in the nearby village. Social service plays an integral part in my life as it has changed the way of how i perceive things and has molded me into a better human being.

To further polish my skills as an entrepreneur, I often lend a hand at my father’s work. In this span of time i gained a knowledgeable understanding of how challenging the business environment can be because of the changes that occur. However this did not frightened me, it instead ignited a sudden curiosity to learn more about this dynamic environment. I did IGCSE and then switched to CBSE for my 11th and 12th and studying different boards has given me a wider concept about different domains, as a student i understood the predicament because of all the topics covered in Business studies, Economics and Accounting. I examined and grasped the way my father dealt with uncertain business downfall. This experience will help me better my classroom learning at a Master’s level.

I have always given in all my effort to perform well and will continue to put in even more effort at my Master’s degree to accomplish my aim of becoming an entrepreneur. I seek a program that offers me a chance to understand the corporate world and help me secure a better knowledge of how to manage a business along with its risks.

I believe that The United States of America offers a balanced combination of both liberal and traditional thinking. Studying at one of USA’s respected and prestigious university will help me to understand corporate world in a most efficient and effective way to fulfill my dream to become an entrepreneur.

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