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I was born in Eritrea. I have had my elementary and high school in Asmara. I was really good in maths and science subjects like biology, physics and engineering. Growing up I was one of the very few people who had access to the computer around me that time. One day when I was bored and I picked up this book that was near the computer that said basic program and had a really simple started hello word program and I am writing it and recognising that but that wasn’t advanced. I had yahoo mail and Facebook account since 2010, but I couldn’t use it because there was bad connection and financial problem with family at the time. I got fascinated how yahoo account works. Since then I promised to myself I will do computer science, when I sorted out my problems first.

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I believe my strong communication skills, patience, empathy and ability to problem solve, which are all important to a computer science in Microsoft word. I have been developed through both my full-time job and work experience that I have done in Eritrea. Working as a customer assistant has given me contact with a range of people and I have learnt how to work independently as well as part of a team. My work experience as a classroom assistant basic IT system in a primary school has enabled me to adapt to working with young children and understanding their needs. Here I am living in England since June 2014. My first year was very tough, I had difficulty understanding English accents and knowing society. I picked up myself going every day to library, attend once week for voluntary and community centre in Middlesbrough. I worked in a factory position of checking date and time printing out the label of product, I have experienced a lot of positions in different jobs.

I have few friends from my country I call them they are family, but for me they are beyond Family. We have fun together, meet almost all the time and celebrate occasionally. I will then be looking to further my education in this area, pursuant to a career in Networking and cyber security computer science. As such I am hopeful of completing a degree in this area which will of course help me on my way.

I am a driven and ambitious person, as well as being a committed and goal driven student with a passion for this subject area. I am very bright, speak fluent English and have every aspiration of getting on in this field in the long term, as such my studies are very important to me.

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