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Living in Bangalore, the Silicon valley and startup hub of India was eye opening. Throughout my life I have seen people close to me work in Tech giants or run their own enterprise. It is my childhood dream to own and actively run my own firm. I have always been inspired by technology and more over by management of these technologies and their applications. Therefore I decided to become an engineer and University had a strong impact on my outlook and ambitions.

With good academic performance in School, I chose Computer Science because of its vast applications and the ever increasing use of programming and automation in every aspect of modern world, from Medicine to Artificial intelligence. It is a field rich with opportunities for an entrepreneur. At PES University, I studied various subjects, such as Database management and Discrete Maths in practice through lab work, assignments and team projects. I paid particular attention to Analytics and business related courses. In the fifth semester, I took Data Analytics as the elective and learned concepts such as Sampling, Recommendation systems and Time series. The eighth semester course in Intro to business introduced concepts of Finance, HRM, Business Plan, Legal forms of businesses, R&D and product development. I have interned at software and management consulting firms. This helped me acquire industry oriented technical and time management skills along with improving communication and team work. Working in a startup after my sophomore year made me understand the fast paced environment of tech and importance of being competitive for survival.

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Additionally,I have also done volunteering work for organizations like Bharat Vikas Parishad and Laghu Udyog Bharathi. I learnt about the risks and rewards involved in starting a new venture and funding it. With immense adventurous spirit I participated in the trekking organized by International Award for Young People(IAYP) and received a bronze medal. These experiences brought to the forefront my leadership abilities, empathy and social awareness while also assisting in honing my interpersonal skills. I also became aware of the real world regarding the living conditions of people in Rural areas,impact of education on lives of children and under representation of women in Tech.

Although technical proficiency, logical reasoning and creativity are the internal strengths of an enterprise, another vital factor of success in the midst of heavy competition full of uncertainties is management skills and decision making. From the MS program in Engineering Management, I will gain knowledge and skills in courses, such as Finance, Project Management, Marketing, Technical electives like Data Analytics. Seminars and workshops will make me keep up with the developments in the field of technology along with boosting strategic thinking and interaction with peers from diverse backgrounds.

Engineering management has become one of the most sought after courses in the USA for engineers to boost skills and opportunites in the field of Management of Technology. From browsing through the curriculum of several universities, interacting with peers and seniors, I realized that the program offered by Duke University meets my career needs best.I am particularly attracted by the in-depth coursework, seminars and technical electives which lie in the areas of my interest. Career services and internship assistance coupled with my hard work will advance my chances of landing my dream job and starting my new venture in the near future. Duke’s stellar alumni is proof of the impact of knowledge and training imparted during MEM.I promise to live up to the demanding standards of the university through perseverance and dedication to study harder and perform better than ever before.

As an undergraduate, I have striven to achieve well-defined career goal through developing my aptitude towards technology,managerial skills and proficiency in academic subjects. The Master's program in Engineering Management will be a quantum leap to bridge the gap between my education and career goals; that is, to work as an Analyst or a Product manager or a Consultant at leading Tech companies or consulting firms. My long term goal is to become an entrepreneur in India, where there is massive scope for development of applications in the field of E-commerce,education etc according to customer demographics. Above all the MS program will be an opportunity to learn and work under the guidance of expert professors and to compete with international students which will prepare me to meet the challenges in the real world. I look forward to being a part of Duke University. 

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