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I have met my First Smart learning goal by spending 1 hour daily on the 14th of January until the 19th of the month. During my lunch break for five days, I was able to read some article from ProQuest like the article of William & Russell entitled “Shared social and emotional activities within adolescent romantic and non-romantic sexual relationship”s (2013). I also get a chance to go back and do some skim reading from our previous book in Therapeutic Communication. On my fifth day, I was able to watch some educational series on YouTube, and I found an exciting video of Joanne Davilla discussing the “Skills for a Healthy Romantic Relationship” (2015). The focus of this video is becoming romantic competence and explains three evidence-based skills to reduced an unhealthy relationship like the insight, mutuality and emotion regulation ( Davilla, 2015).

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I have found that all types of relationship vary in many ways, but they all similar in the area of engaging by voluntary action, wherein people who belong in any of this group chooses having joined this relationship. No matter what the purpose they have, growing to a part of this group is their choice. Some might decide to participate for the use of therapy or a sense of belongingness, and they all have to share their personal identity and mission/goals to contributes to each others well-being. Also, any type of relationships will all suffer and face challenges when one of the members neglects what is required in the involvement, like for example in a therapeutic relationship if the patient disregards nurses advice for proper time medication administration then the connection will not be useful (Touhy et al., 2014, pp. 230-232).

Second Smart Learning Goal

I want to “identify issues that contribute to the development of conflict” (Enabling Competencies) (BCCNP, 2014) by reading a related journal article and get it done by January 31, 2019.

Critical Reflection

As soon as I finish achieving my first goal and spending five days finding the differences between therapeutic, social, romantic and sexual relationship, on January 20th, I started to look up some trusted article for me to be able to identify issues that contribute to the development of conflicts. I mainly utilized the Proquest for my research and found out that there can be more than one conflicts and may arise at any time any place within the life of a human being, it can be a conflict of interest, cognitive and value (Obuchi & Suzuki, 2003). According to Danjoux Meth et al., conflicts are a disagreement or difference of opinion (2009).

After reviewing the types and sources of conflicts, the one thing I learned to resolve such issues is the value of respect, because once you receive or portray respect, you know that its okay to express for who you are. You are confident that you are being understood and not being judged by others. Also, being the open-minded person to individual differences is crucial to reduce the development of conflicts. People disagree because their opinion varies from each others perspective, but if we have even a little room within ourselves to accept others, we will have a peaceful life. I achieve my 2nd smart goal which I can utilize during my clinical and for my future practice so that I can impact positively in my working environment. I believed that respect and being open-minded is always a virtue that anyone can’t go wrong.

Third Smart Learning Goal

By February 5, 2019, I evaluated the “personal beliefs, values and attitudes related to other Cultures” (5.3.1 Enabling Competencies) (BCCNP, 2014) through watching related cultural videos on YouTube and reading a relevant journal article.

Critical Reflection

I was able to achieve my 3rd learning goal earlier than 5th of February, 2019. After accomplishing my first and second learning goal, the spare time left, I used it in finding some related article on the internet and videos from YouTube regarding different cultures. According to the Government of Canada, that almost over 200,000 people every year from different countries in the globe chose Canada to be their home like Chinese, Filipino, East India, Korean, Japanese and so much more (2018). I have identified that most people come from a different background, belief, culture, and values have in common, they believe in something or what is called superstitions which they think this will give them a guide or hope for their future or situation, and they also do similar with regards to love among their culture.

I believe that engaging in learning different types of ethnicity, cultural belief and practices are crucial in my future career. It gives me an awareness of others culture different from mine, wherein it provides me with a knowledge that will shape me and treated people of all races with equal practice and respect. By studying different cultures opens up an opportunity for me to learn each difference and able to understand the different perspective of different people. Also, with me knowing different cultures and background will help me identify and explore how their culture, practices, belief could affect and connected to their health. Through this, I can communicate with them effectively and assess their needs appropriately to be a part of advocating their health and wellness.

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