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Our Planet is a tourist place and we are all travellers in it. There are numerous places in every country and each has its own beauty and importance. Every tourist place is connected to historical and cultural values. These places are a great source of happiness and distraction for people who are stressed by their busy schedules and for children, these places are a great source of fun and adventure.

Many families make tours to these places and they spend lots of time together, hence tourist places give lot of happy memories. In addition to this, these places make a huge contribution to the economy of its country. In my back home: India, I have visited almost every place but one of them was the best trip ever in my life. When I was graduated from grade 12, I went to Golden Temple with my friends and family. Since childhood, I am fond of travelling in train, so we travelled through train. I brought chess with me to play with my father and friends. It was great fun to play in the train because it was moving too fast and there were many people in the train. From the journey from my hometown to Amritsar. Train stopped at three stations.

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At the first station, train stopped for twenty minutes and I went out to buy some snacks and drinks. There was too much crowd at the station and I was standing in the store and the train started to move and everyone was in the train except me; I freaked out but I was able to get in the moving train with my snacks and drinks. That was most scared part of my journey to Golden Temple. At the second station, the train stopped for one hour and we had a lunch together at the restaurant which was just next door to the station. It was a South Indian restaurant and as we live in North India so, my family and friends do not know much about the south Indian dishes but I like South Indian dishes, so I had to order different dishes for everyone and they loved it. We stayed in the restaurant for about half an hour and then we had half an hour left. So, there were many shops in the station and we wondered around and we got see the different things.

Then the train gave a buzzer and it was time for the train to move so we board and almost after two hours we reached Amritsar, the City of Golden Temple. The train took us five hours to reach there. We walked from station to Golden temple for twenty minutes and it was 4pm, when we entered the Golden Temple building. This building is very huge. We booked two rooms in the building for stay. Around 5:30 pm, we went to see the main hall. I was amazed to see the beauty of the temple when I got outside of the main hall. The main temple building is situated in the river called.

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