My Experience as a Volunteer Working Under M.s Nonprofit Organization

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I completed my voluntary experience at Saudi Arabia Riyadh under M.S nonprofit organization. I was able to do so do many things during my voluntary experience, some of the thing I did are: Vacuum cleaning, painting of walls, organizing books, maintenance, such as replacing faulty electricity bulbs and so on. This Organization carryout significant works; therefore provide services to the religion worship place “MOSQUE” for Muslims.

I have a great interest in this organization because of the humanitarian services done and moreover as a devoted Muslim my obligation is to keep the holy place clean and make it comfortable for people praying which is done five times a day as a Muslim. As it is well known that a mosque is a position of love for Muslims. Any demonstration of love that observes the Islamic guidelines of supplication can be said to make a mosque, regardless of whether it happens in an exceptional structure. Casual and outdoors places of love are called musalla, while mosques utilized for mutual petition on Fridays.

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While working with this organization I observed that, after prayers the place is always kept unclean, individual must keep their shoes outside the praying ground, during this people find it difficult to identify his or her after praying so we have to organize a condition to solve this problem.

These are demographic of people being observed:

Gender = males

Ethnicity = Saudis, Egyptians, Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladesh, Ethiopians

Age = all ages

Socioeconomic Status = poor, middle class and high class

Level of Education = not sure

While gathering this wonderful experience I was able to meet and interact with people of the community, they such a good people who love and respect other. During my voluntary work I was opportune to a particular person, he is polite. He shows respect and mined his manners. It's not to be a showoff or to seem better; he just truly respect individuals and want to treat them how they want to be treated. He is of a good conduct, honest, love to help others and he does all things with joy and willingness. His name is ABDULLAH ALTAY.

They are seeking services with this organization because of their readiness to Serve Others. 'One of your fundamental capacities as a pioneer is to express love and help other people build up their experience of affection. Their readiness to serve brings strengthening and makes your administration exceptionally successful. Strengthening from the perfect domain comes when you readily offer all your skill to help other people. We were able to interact effectively since we both have the same perspective being that we all love to work in the house Allah, give our time for cleaning and other things. I could remember one well respected member used to say: A willingness to do what’s needed to, Over the years, I’ve sat in business meetings and elders meetings where the subject of involvement would be discussed. Many times, I’ve heard the same question 'What can we do to get people motivated to do more for the Allah?' That is an excellent question that motivates him to join the organization. There are no mush deference between us just that most of the members dedicate all of their and resources in doing this work. I joined because I do not have anything to do just free time till i get my degree so it’s good to help the community and I really enjoy the experiences.

As I said I interacted with the people of the community, reason being that they are lovely people, people of intellectual and caring community. I was able to do this because, almost all the people in the community are Muslims and we all gather and pray together in the mosques. Whenever we are working or cleaning the mosque and the environment they community people passing by will always fell happy and want to relate with us. They will always say Allah will reward you all.

My thoughts, beliefs, and feelings changed as a result of working with this organization. I have good feelings and a strong belief in doing Allah’s work.

I was able to apply my experience and what I learnt in various ways of life, one example is I did some volunteer work in a Church in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Located in downtown next to Park Street. The church was feeding homeless people every Wednesday and i helped couple of time. I mostly set up the place like tables and plates, and it was good seeing their faces after we help them.

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