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I interned with RSB Environmental as Project Management Intern for Summer 2018. It was a wonderful learning experience to work with the technical and management teams and work on variety of projects during the internship. Majority of the time, I worked with the due diligence team on projects involved in environmental site assessments and property condition assessments. It is a very fast paced environment and it took me a while to match with the pace of the working environment. It was amazing to see how small systems developed within the company help in efficient project management. I got experience to work from bringing the project to the company to the project delivery.

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I got chance to talk with the company clients to understand their project requirements, working with the technical and financial managers to develop the proposal for the client and then once the project is approved I assisted the technical team in completing the project. As part of the projects, I was involved in contractor management in various US states and coordinating with them to conduct the site inspections. I was also involved in creating the databank for the company’s contractors to have easy access by state and by expertise. I prepared company communication templates and contracts for the outside contractors that helped company streamline the processes and reduce time in repetitive communication.

I also got exposure to the company’s invoicing work and managing account receivables and payables. This internship has given me an amazing opportunity to work in the project-based environment. Every project had its own challenges and it was fun to resolve the challenges by working with the team.

The managers at RSB Environmental were very supportive. They encouraged me to dive deeper into various roles within the short span of my internship and develop understanding of how each team works and the factors involved that generate strong revenue stream for the company. The courses taught at Bauer College of Business helped me to understand the business perspective of the processes and I was confident even when was given tasks outside my comfort zone.

One of the major challenges that I faced during the internship was to produce more than 95% billable hours of work and that the hours I work should not overshoot the project budget. The company strictly monitored the hours on each project and accounted for any additional time the project took. The team managers were always approachable and helped me to improve on my understanding of the project requirements. The managers provided me with the resources to develop efficient ways to save time in project execution up to delivery and produce more effective work in less time. This was an immense learning experience for me and strong skillset that will help me in any future jobs.

I really enjoyed with the team and the fast-paced environment. I look forward to continuing this internship for the next semester and learn more about the different projects and the business environment. Thank you, University of Houston, for providing me platform to pursue this internship.

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