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Some of the main challenges I experienced while working with my team was conflicts over personal agenda, strategies, and opinions. Every member of the team wanted to be recognized, and they also wanted their ideas to be followed. It was sometimes challenging when a member would give their agenda or opinion and expect everybody to follow it for the completion of the project. Sometimes it was hard to determine the strategies to follow as a group because most members of the team had a strategy and deciding on whose approach was the best was an issue. However, we overcome some of those challenges because of the respect that existed among members. Despite the challenges faced, also enjoyed working with my teammates because the ideas we came up with as a team was better compared to the ones I could develop alone. It was also interesting to have mutual support from team members which led to efficiency for completion of the project (Honts, Prewett, Rahael & Grossenbacher, 2012). I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that existed among the team members because we knew that as a team, we had what it takes to complete our task successfully. The experience I gained will be helpful while working with other people to help the society. I learnt the importance of appreciating the ideas of every person and their contribution no matter how small it may be. It may be a small contribution but working with other people helps in providing better results. Even when challenges are encountered, the best way is to be patient with other people and to respect them until a solution is reached.

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The knowledge and skills acquired during this class will be beneficial to me. I did not enroll in the class to pursue any career in psychology. I took it because I required an elective position. With the knowledge acquired from this class, the benefit will not only be in obtaining an elective position but also helping people in the society. I am a pharmacy retail store manager, and the importance of this class is that it will help in developing employees’ abilities. I will be able to apply psychology to my work and I will also learn and understand the people I interact with better. Since my organization has many employees, I will help in developing their satisfaction and productivity in the organization through the knowledge I have acquired in this class. One of the insights gained from the reading materials was how to reduce stress associated with work or personal issues. It requires a strategy, and this will be helpful in helping the employees who are usually distressed in the organization. To apply Christian-based principles in work, one has to understand the value of others and to help them. Help should be extended to those who need it if we can support them.

There are other insights that I gained in this course, each of which will be helpful in my career development and the service of others. For instance, I learnt about positive thinking, therapeutic interventions while trying to help a person, the importance of social networking, and the challenges that I can expect while applying psychological principles in my career. I also gained critical thinking skills, skills on working with a team, and management skills. Each of the knowledge, experience, and skills obtained will be helpful in my career.

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