My Experience in Excite and Execute Dynamic Groups

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My Experience in Excite And Execute Dynamic Groups

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According to the 5 Dynamic report, I performed effortless with Excite and Execute Dynamic groups. I may experience some challenges in Explore and Examine Dynamic group. My strengths are maintaining energy and stamina, holding people accountable for there action, having control over situation, complete task on time, comfortable with delegation, keeping the team in good spirit, connecting with people, leader, having energy to complete task and being a motivator. My challenges are to maintain a balance between work and school, friends and families, eating healthy and avoiding fast food, engaging in classroom and avoid being shy. I am a visual learner and after reading the materials I like to practice hands on. When I study, I like a quiet room with no other distraction. If and when I get a study group, I like them to be prepare before they come to meet and we can discuss the materials and give each other feedback. I don’t want to waste my time with someone that is no prepared. I find when I explain the materials to others I comprehend it better. My Spider Diagram and my computers assessment was a match. According to the Spider Diagram, my working styles are well balanced.

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I have low energy with Explore and Examine Dynamic group. If I would choose a classmate to help me complete a class project or presentation, I would choose Examine Dynamics group because they are good in research and data gathering, master of time, lifelong learners, and detail oriented. This will help me align myself with a team of the opposite to finish a project.

There are 4 different modes in the conversation meter which are Pretense, Sincerity, Accuracy and Authenticity. In every day to day conversation whether at home or work, I find myself using Accuracy and Authenticity modes. In Accuracy mode, I like to have facts and data. I don’t want unnecessary information. I work in acute care setting and we do bedside report at the beginning shift. When I get report I want detail fact about the patient. What brought them to the hospital, diagnosis, labs, history, head to toe assessments, I/O, diet, and what happened that day. In Authenticity mode, myself and day shift RN will have a mutual agreements to have a common goal to best serve the patient. I had a patient that was complaining of abdominal pain for 2 days. The more pain the patient complained the more anxious she become. The doctor started her on anxiety medication thinking that would solve the problem but the pain never went away. I tried to convince them that this was not her that there is something wrong. I finally got one of the doctor convince to do an abdominal x-ray that they saw something and immediately ordered a CT. Once they got the result of the CT, they saw that her bowels were dying. They immediately did an emergency surgery. She was immediately transferred to ICU but sadly to say she died 10 days later.

Pretense: I was training a new nurse and on his first day I was showing him how to change a dressing change on a PICC line using a sterile technique and he told me he know how to do it. I gave him the dressing to let him finish the task but he knew nothing on how to change a dressing change using a sterile technique.

Sincerity: My patient was in the restroom when she called me complaining about being dizzy and being lightheaded. I got her back in bed and immediately called the intern (MD) on call to let him know about the low blood pressure and symptom the patient had. He gave me an order to give a 5 mg ivf of Metoprolol stat. Metoprolol is a medication that we give to bring blood pressure down. I pause for a second and asked him if he understood what I told him about the patient symptom. He stated I am the doctor you are the nurse just follow my order. I said okay and wrote the order but did not give the patient the medication because she already have a low blood pressure. Within 15 minutes I called him back and let him know that her pressure was so low we needed to put her bed in trendelenburg position to maintain her blood pressure and he needed to come see the patient now. This position prevents her major organs form shutting down. He asked me if I gave the medication and I told him that I have not. He was so upset with me he called the resident above him to come see the patient. When the resident found out about the order that he gave him needless to say he ate him alive. Eventually the patient was intubated at the bedside and safety transfer to ICU.

Accuracy: I was reviewing a lab result and noticed one of my patient lab result was abnormal. Her white blood count (WBC) was high. I called the MD on call to let him know about the lab result and he said okay and hang up the phone. I was waiting for him to give me an order to start an antibiotic to control the infection somewhere. I called him back and I told him did you hear what I told you and you did not give me an order before you hang up on me. He explained that patient who had splenectomy it was normal for their WBC to increase and eventually it will normalized.

Authenticity: I was suctioning a trach patient that had pneumonia and some pink tinged secretion was visible throughout the suction Cather. The patient did not have any temperature but I had that nagging feeling that something was wrong. I called the MD on call and he stated that it was normal when you suction a trach patient the mucosa gets irritation from suctioning. I told the on call MD that the patient has a history of fistula in his trach in the past and I think we should look down his trachea to make sure he does not have it again. After I convinced him to do another procedure at bedside, he found that had another fistula forming patient fistula has come back.

I learned that I mostly listen with ideas running through my head instead of listening to the whole conversation then make some informal decisions based on facts. I need to acknowledge, respect, being open minded, stay on topics, and clear distraction. I have learned that I need to do the same when it comes to my relationships. Because I want to be right all the time, I don’t listen to the whole conversation and I always ended up arguing about senseless matter which leads to the cycle of waste. I argue for hours only to find that if I had listen to the whole conversation things could have been simpler.

When it comes to patient care I like to use accuracy and authenticity mode depending on the situation. I am an OCD person and I follow policy and procedure to the paragraph. For that reason when I train new nurse I use the sincerity mode because I am going to train them my way. I tell them once you are done with your training you can take what you have learned from each nurse and make one that you can call your own.

I learned the way I express through verbal communication must be idealistic and non-judgmental. I have in the past become so defensive about my point of view that the conversation went nowhere. I need to create trusting environment to have a civil conversation. I need to think about what I am saying before I say it. I need to sit at eye level, respect and trust others, speak in a soft tone, encourage others, support others, give feedback and rephrase to make sure everyone is on the same page. I need to avoid language and behavior to avoid distrust because that will lead to cycle of waste.

I have learned to take a slow deep breath before carrying a heated conversation. We all say tomato in different ways. This does not means one is wrong but rather how they articulate the word but has the same meanings. Respecting other views will be more suitable to go a long way and carry a realistic conversation.

I have learned using the Cycle of Values create trust and build a foundation where a conversation can happen and decrease waste. The cycle of value leads to improve relationship and increase in value. If we don’t use the Cycle of values it will only increase the cycle of waste and the conversation would go nowhere. The cycle of waste comes from me trying to defend myself that lead to distraction. This will involve arguments and the cycle of waste gets bigger.

When I communicate I need to find if the other person need is meet first. If the person needs are not met then the communication fails because it will lead to an arguments and the cycle of waste starts.

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