Pikachu: Favorite Cartoon Character from Pokemon

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Pikachu: Favorite Cartoon Character from Pokemon

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My favorite cartoon character that inspired me childhood is Pikachu. Pikachu is an Electric-type pokemon, and is the most popular mascot of the Pokemon franchise. Pikachu is a short, chubby rat like pokemon (fictional animal-like character). It is covered in yellow fur and its ears are long and pointed with black tips. Pikachu has pouches inside his red cheeks where it stores electricity, and its forearms are short, with five fingers on each paw, and its feet with three toes. Pikachu is able to release electrical charges throughout his body and his tail, and he could use his signature move Volt Tackle to fight other pokemons that threaten him. Pokemon has inspired me since second grade, and Pikachu has always been my favorite anime character since. Pokemon was the only show that made me excited, and other characters in pokemon also made me happy.

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Pikachu originates from the Pokemon World, set in the Pokemon universe. It has many striking similarities with the real world, but the Pokemon World is based on Japanese culture. Pokemon and its main mascot character Pikachu was first created by Arceus, a Pokegod. Based on legends, Arceus came from an unhatched egg from a vortex of complete chaos. Then, Arceus created other legendary Pokemons to help create the Pokemon World, leading to the creation of normal Pokemons. The Pokemon Franchise took over Japan through the Nintendo Game Boy System on February 27th, 1996. The original creator of Pokemon was Satoshi Tajiri, who developed the story of Pokemon and released it through animation, manga, and game consoles. Pokemon was created simply enough as a hobby of Tajiri, who as a child had interests in catching insects and tadpoles near his home in Tokyo. Tajiri decided to put his ideas of catching creatures into practice, to give children the same thrills he had as a child.

In the Pokemon Animation, Pikachu is the main character that have many interactions with other people and Pokemon. Anticipation is an important principle in the Pokemon Animation, because before Pikachu enters battle, there is always anticipation. Pikachu first pauses and creates sparks inside his cheeks and let the electricity flow throughout his body, and blasts the electricity to the opponent. Anticipation is very important because it lets the viewers know Pikachu’s next action, and helps focus the attention to Pikachu. Another principle that is necessary for Pikachu is exaggeration. All the actions that Pikachu provide have some type of exaggeration. Pikachu can attack another opponent using electricity, and by having exaggeration and anticipation, the action he uses become more convincing and realistic. When Pikachu talks or runs, the exaggeration through his mouth or tail convinces the viewers of its action, and helps the viewers concentrate on the animation better.

Pikachu benefits greatly from the animation principle of appeal. Pikachu is a unique character, because it does not exist in reality, and is a fictional character based off of imagination. Pikachu is appealing the its viewers because it can change into many different forms of itself. Pikachu can roll up in a ball, shoot electricity to its opponents, and have a very cute feature. Pikachu’s pouch, smile, and bright red cheeks give Pikachu a very cute look, and the sound effects it makes appeal to this feature more. Little details that are drawn through Pikachu also are visually appealing, because the unique shape helps the viewers concentrate on Pikachu more. Pikachu is a very memorable cartoon character, because unlike many cartoons that have humans as the main protagonist, Pikachu is an animal-like figure that helps its human trainer to become the strongest and best trainer in the world. Pikachu’s solid drawings, coordination of color, exaggeration, and anticipation make the character itself very unforgettable.

Pokemon was one of the first animations that I watched as a little kid. When I first saw Pikachu next to its trainer Ash, its cute figure and visually appealing characteristic made me love the character. After I learned digital animation and the principles of animation, I have learned that the principles such as exaggeration and anticipation made the cartoon more appealing to the viewers. Pikachu’s solid drawings and cute nature made Pokemon an unforgettable and memorable cartoon that I still enjoy watching today.

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