"Alice in Wonderland" Book that Should Read Every Child

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“Alice in Wonderland” Book That Should Read Every Child

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My favorite book is “Alice in Wonderland” and most of all I was captivated by the magical atmosphere of this story and its strange heroes. This book should be read slowly, thoughtfully, no matter what, without distracting, not missing a single detail, in order to fully understand the hidden meaning. By reading this story, we will get acquainted with a huge number of bright heroes, each of whom in its own way is unforgettable and original. And it was interesting to read all these funny dialogues. I also want to note the illustrations for the book – they are wonderful. “Alice in Wonderland” is a masterpiece of world literature, one of the best books written in the genre of the absurd, and in this story not only children but also many adults are in love. Thanks to this story, the reader moves to this strange, but so charming world, where many things become more miraculous and extraordinary, and therefore many events do not lend themselves to logic. After all, as Zakhoder wrote in his preface to the book “if something starts to explain for a long time, it means that you did not understand anything in the end.” But, I must admit, to keep up with the meaning of the book, it was rather difficult to comprehend the moral. But I liked the finale; this is the only thing that is logical in the book.

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It seems to me that every girl and boy should read the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland” who want to live and enjoy life, be happy and be able to communicate correctly! Alice is a miracle child, who is interested in everything. It is possible and necessary to take an example from it.

Alice does not change the situation, she knows how to adapt to it and to have people with her. “… Alice, not in the least surprised, found that she addresses them all as if she knew them all her life.” She knows when to keep silent, and when to express her opinion. And she, like me, does not like abstruse words and is not afraid to ask about what she is not in the subject.

Alice lives the sensual side of her soul, but at the same time knows how to reason. She knows how to set goals. “That, first, you need to do,” said Alice, making her way through the trees, “you have to grow up the way I was, and secondly, I need to find the way to that beautiful garden.” In my opinion, this is the best plan.” When she knows how to achieve what she wants, everything is done for this.

She reminds me myself in a lot of situations and it makes the story even more interesting to me. When she is not happy with her presence, Alice does not stay and leaves. She is not touchy and so she lives easily and simply. Alice does not like it when she starts to control and indicate what to do. She is very sensitive to any control over her life and is so wise to be silent when criticized and told how to do it. She accepts people as they are and she does what she wants. “It’s strange, I’m at the rabbit on the premises,” she thought on the run. “So you look, and Dina will start pummeling me!” (Dina is the cat of Alice). It has humor, which decorates our life with additional colors. “Do you like flying cats?” – such questions are asked Alice before bed.

Wonderland can become our world, where it’s easy, interesting and fun – if we are will Alice!

“After so many extraordinary things happen to you, you will inevitably begin to think that there are not so many really impossible things in the world.”

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