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My Feelings About Youfit Health Club

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When a person walks into a YouFit Health Club, the first noticeable quality that differs it from any other gym is the outlandish coloring of the place. Neon greens and vibrant purples of bold shades are visible at every angle of the gym. People who currently or wish to lead active lifestyles step into a room where the assumption could easily be made that Barney the Dinosaur was turned into a can of paint and splashed haphazardly onto the walls and equipment. Despite its obnoxious color scheme and small size, the YouFit gym is still a very popular destination for people of all ages and personalities who all desire the same thing; they all come to exercise and reach a satisfactory level of fitness. Though they all come for the same reason, the definition of a good workout varies between members, as do the goals, intensity, and mental focus. Three very distinct types of members at the gym include the Gym Rats, the Gym Brats, and the Busy Bodies.

The term “Gym Rat” is commonly used to refer to a person who is a workout addict who exercises religiously. Easily recognizable, the Gym Rat has a distinct solid build with unusually large and defined muscles. They have a very stringent workout schedule and lead very healthy lifestyles that consist of not only working out hard, but also following nutritious eating regimens that pack on protein and ensure minimal body fat and maximum muscle gain. Though they seem heroic in their strength and dedication, there is a flaw to the Gym Rats. These rugged individuals are not the most approachable or friendly members of the gym. They tend to keep to themselves, with an intense focus that can be perceived as intimidating to others. Because of the lack of interaction with other members, Gym Rats can swiftly perform the task at hand without any interruptions. When it comes to pumping iron, the Gym Rats are some of if not the hardest workers in the gym. With motivational music blasting from their earphones, these people have the ability to lift herculean amounts of weight. Admirers that observe these people of seemingly superhuman strength watch in amazement, but know that they themselves will never be able to contend with the Gym Rats’ impressive abilities. The only competition Gym Rats have are other Gym Rats and themselves. Though their solemn personalities prove costly when it comes to befriending a new face, the Gym Rats’ defined muscular figures still represent the meaning of hard work and the sacrifices of time and socialization that must be made to accomplish their goals. The intensity of these people only confirm that Gym Rats are relentless creatures of power and tenacity and are the supreme rulers of the gym, never to be dethroned.

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Like a character from a book, all people and groups have their foils, otherwise known as characters that have opposing values, opinions, or personalities. In this case foils of the no-nonsense rough-and-tough Gym Rats are the Gym Brats. The Gym Rats have established their status as the kings and queens of the gym. On the other side of the spectrum are the Gym Brats who think they are the rulers of the gym. These members always arrive at the wearing makeup (which is completely unnecessary) and dressed in ridiculously over-priced Lululemon Athletica brand clothing. The Gym Brats strut around the gym with a sense of entitlement in that they are better than everybody else. More often than not female, the Gym Brats come to the gym whenever they feel like it, not having any set fitness goals or intention of getting sweaty. At times the Gym Brats come in pairs. They can be seen talking about the latest gossip amongst each other, or discussing what new restaurant they should go eat at after they ‘work out’. If these carefree happy go lucky women aren’t discussing the latest and greatest of things to buy with a companion, they are often doing some light cardio workout on the stationary bikes and ellipticals or strolling on the treadmills. Many Gym Brats bring their fancy iPads and Kindles with them and surf the internet or read while doing their light exercising. When it comes to weight lifting, the Gym Brats are very oblivious to how anything works around the gym and are always in need of a personal trainer for guidance. Not the most motivated members of the gym or the hardest working, it is quite safe to say that the Gym Brats are completely opposite in comparison to the Gym Rats.

Aside from the dominant Gym Rats and the spoiled Gym Brats who have opposing work ethics and mentality of working out, the Busy Bodies are an entirely unique group of their own. These working class members of the gym are not muscular like the Gym Rats nor materialistic like the Gym Brats, as the Busy Bodies can settle for a cheap t-shirt and a pair of old shorts to exercise in. Busy Bodies are the most common of the groups of people at the gym. Because of their 9 to 5 workweek schedules and active families, the Busy Bodies are not exactly in the best physical shape. They desire to go to the gym, but struggle to find the time and need personal trainers to assist them in understanding how to get in better shape. Having a trainer appointment also gives these members the opportunity to get back in shape on set days of the week that accommodate the full schedule that they always have. When they do get the chance to come to the gym, Busy Bodies are hard workers who try. They may not lift insane amounts of weight, but they still have a passion for leading a healthier lifestyle. Socializing is not a problem for Busy Bodies. Though they are always busy, they are fairly cordial to everybody. Busy Bodies are the most relatable members that serve as a pleasant medium between the extreme differences of the Gym Rats and Gym Brats.

The YouFit Health Club, and really any other gym, is a wonderful place for adopting a healthier lifestyle where everybody desires success when getting into shape, but use different methods to reach their goals.. Similar to high school’s cliques of jocks, cheerleaders, and nerds, members of the gym are separated by well-defined differences that are obvious to a person, but only if they attend the gym regularly. Almost everybody fits into at least one of the many types of people found at the gym. Each person has a different mindset and way of working out, which can be perceived in a positive or negative way. From the scrappy Gym Rat to the Busy Bodies, the spectrum of people and their ways at the gym are endless.


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