My First Experience Going to Cinema

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My First Experience Going to Cinema

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Since I was young, I had only been to the movie theatre a couple times before. Therefore, I haven’t experienced a lot of movies in theatre. I was not at the age where I would understand everything that was going on in the movie and the atmosphere. Whereas this time, I think this is the first film where I was able to focus and figure out the questions I had in mind throughout the movie. This cinematic experience was not flawless in the audience, architectural and the aesthetics of the movie, however, it was still a favorable experience.

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To begin, a couple months before I went to go see the Maze Runner, I have seen a lot of ads on YouTube and billboards around the city promoting the movie. I was really into movies similar to the Maze Runner which are like science fiction movies. Also, the movie was starring some of my favorite actor which also excites me more. When I saw the commercial, it caught my eye right away and I had to search about the movie. After watching all the clips and sneak peeks, it got me so excited I could not wait until September to watch it. As the time came when the movie came out, I went to go watch the movie week later it came out.

I went on Tuesday with my younger sister since it was half price for a ticket that day. Before we got inside the theatre, we went to go buy popcorn and drinks. We got into the theatre and decided to sit in the middle of the top back of the theatre to get a good view of the whole screen. The seats were really comfortable, where you could adjust it to lean back and relax like if you were at home watching a movie on the couch. There was a lot of people talking before the movie, but as the first studio logo showed up on the screen everyone in the theatre went silent and was focused on the movie. In the beginning of the movie, the brightness was really light on the screen so it was not really clear. As the first scene started, the sound was very clear where you can hear and feel a loud rumble which made it very intense. I started to feel some excitement as the black screen cleared away. When the first actor showed up in the movie and there were these teenage girls who squealed in delight of seeing him on the screen which distracted everyone in the theatre. After that happened, the theatre went back to being silent and I was able to focus. Throughout the movie, the color was clear which grabbed my attention from the beginning. The sound was also clear throughout to be able to hear their voices clearly. In some scenes, there was mellow music playing which gave me empathy and in most scenes of the movie, there was suspenseful music playing where as it got louder I started to feel anxious. In addition, when there was a suspenseful scene, the seats would start to rumble and make you feel like you are in the movie. The movie consists of scenes when there are walls opening and closing which gives us the loud sound effects that was clear to hear through the theatres speakers. But during some parts in the movie, there were people whispering which distracted me from the whole experience. Furthermore, I also couldn’t focus because the theatre did not put the heat on and it was quite cold since we were watching it in the fall. Since we watched the movie during the afternoon, it felt like we were watching it at night which gave me a different mood. I had many different kinds of emotions throughout the movie where I was scared, laughing and also shed some tears. The ending of the movie shocked me and the audience too because we were not expecting for something that had happened. Eventually the movie ended, the lights turned back on in the theatre and the audience started clapping. I felt sad that it was over and that we had returned back into reality. I stayed to watch the credits while others were all leaving and I tried to fully sink in everything that happened. There was a bit of a cliffhanger at the end which immediately prompted me to want to watch the second movie, if there was another one to come out.

Ultimately, for a person who doesn’t go to the movies often, this cinematic experience was not exactly the best, however it was a favorable one. I love watching movies at the theatre rather than at home because there is a different environment which I find myself to enjoy more. In our society today, there are not a lot of people who go to the movies because of the enhanced technology, most people just wait for it to stream online and watch it. However, in my opinion, I think there is a big difference in watching movies at the theatre and home. I hope to be able to experience more screenings at the theatre because of technology now, cinemas have improved to make the viewers’ feel like they are in the movie which makes it an experience you cannot miss out on.

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