My First Experience Traveling by Myself

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World is full of natural beauty with its unique creation and beautiful formation of geographical structure. People are fond of exploring new places, its adventure and do their research inorder to get pleasure and inner satisfaction.

My hobby is to travel the world inorder to engage myself with nature and know its value. Travelling to new different places help me to raise my curiosity towards nature and the world. It teaches me to know how the world is running with the different caste, culture, traditions, their norms and values, morals etc. travelling to new places help to refresh my mind by providing a new source of energy through which I can raise my creativity level and make myself more knowledgeable. Travelling has been a fun for me it really makes me feel like how beautiful is our earth and its features. The gift that has been provided to us by the million, billion years of formation of molecular structure, atomic structure has made the world look beautiful.

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Travelling has been a part of my life. Meeting new people visiting new places and making memory are the best part of travel. There is different way of travelling like by bus, air, ships, on foot, by cycling etc. for me travelling in a bike with a soft music has been a great experience it gives the different excitement and level of satisfaction.

Till now I have visited many more places but within my country only. It’s like a local travel or national travel. India has been the only one international travel for me. It’s because of my uncle aunt and grand mom who live in Assam. The first travel that I was able to make by myself alone was to the Sarlahi. I went there by my bike with the 8 hour long distance from Kathmandu taking the Sindhuli way. It was amazing and wow moment for me. I started my trip at 7 o’clock in the morning. I was excited as well as nervous also because it was my first trip alone without any one support. I went through Bhaktapur which is also one of the amazing places of Nepal. It was a long way so I was prepared well for everything. I was enjoying my trip all alone with a few drops of rain which was making my trip much more fascinating. To reach my destination I need to pass through all the hills and mountain along with plain land area. The hills which were full of green grass with the pine tree was so amazing on itself all area were well covered with greenery and the most amazing thing was the highway which was also the well pitched road. While travelling me love to eat the food of street which tastes very different and their way of cooking too attract me. After crossing the hilly area there comes the plain land also known as Terai. Terai in Nepal is known as the agricultural land where you see the farming of all the agricultural products and the view of agricultural lands are like wow heaven is in earth.

So this was the first experience of my travel and then I started to visit some more places like Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini mustang Bara Parsa, Rauthahat and many more these all places are like heaven people over there are so kind hearted and nice. They love their tradition and culture. They follow the values and ethics of their culture. They treat their guest as a second face of god. The respect that they show to new faces really touches my heart.

So after visiting all those places then I stated to visit India which is also our neighboring country. In India first place that I visit was Assam through train which was one of the most unforgettable moments for me. I went to Silliguri first to take my train because through Nepal we cannot get the train. So after travelling 9 hours in bus I was able to reach to my train station where the difficult task for me was to get in my sit but guess what the people around there were so nice that one of the guy named Sahil helped me to get in my train sit he was so friendly and kind that I was very much comfortable to share my trip with him. So all the way from NJP to Assam was like beautiful day for me. The people who come for selling their products and the traveler over the train were like amazing they share their joy and sorrow with each other though they have just met and not known for each other closely.

Finally I was able to reach to my destination and Assam was like wow what a natural beauty they have got. Most of the places were covered with tress and the climate over there was very modest. Most of the time it used to rain which makes the weather cold and feels cool all the time. The types of animals are more than just one can expect and the flora over there was wow what a beautiful creation.

So these were the some of the places where I was able to visit and make my trip one of the most memorable. Traveling to different places has taught me the one thing is that how we treat people is the return back of the same result. All people love their tradition and culture. They love the guest and strangers who comes to visit their places. Travelling helps to make our self more knowledgeable and refresh our self. So just for a once in a life we should take out our time to visit the new places and deal with new environment which can turn out a most beneficial result for us. Travelling to new places is to make our self comfortable in new environment with new places. It has got many more emotions and memories which can make life more beautiful and memorable that can make us special on own self.

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