My First Job Experience as the Grocery Bagger

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On a beautiful sunny day of June 7th, 2018, a bright light from nature came shining into my 6 by 10 square foot bedroom with light blue brick walls forcefully giving the indication that it is time for me to wake up. Pulling off the green dollar sign bed sheets and stepping on my soft grey carpet, wearing size 34 black pajamas with my favorite large white T- shirt that was made in China; a sharp quick memory rushed rapidly into my brain cells aggressively saying, “Reginald, move quickly, Reginald, move quickly. Today is your big day.” In that moment I jumped up so fast as if I had won the lottery and sprinted directly to the bathroom. As I picked up my tooth brush to spread some of my green weed flavored Crest toothpaste on it, my dark- skinned, blonde-haired, heavy-set, Jamaican step- mother knocked loudly on the weak brown wooden door of the bathroom almost punching a hole through it with those rock hard knuckles of hers, and she shouted, “You going to have to move faster than that. Today will be your first day of working a job and you cannot be late!” Still looking confused, I began brushing my teeth rapidly, and then I clothed my body with black khaki pants and a red-collared shirt with a white name tag pinned against my upper right shoulder that Winn-Dixie, my part-time bagger position, required me to wear.

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After the hassle of moving rapidly and fast, my step- mother began to wait in her red 2006 Honda civic, blowing the horn loudly for me to come out. I ran outside not checking if the door to the house was locked and entered the vehicle. While sitting back against the leather seats with the bitter taste in my mouth from the toothpaste, I laughed as my step-mother was speeding 100 miles an hour and running red lights, stop signs, and yield signs because of her eagerness to make sure that I arrive to work on time. Arriving to the store in a hurry, I nervously stepped outside of the car and was greeted by a black man wearing dark cheap sunglasses with a suit and tie; He is the store manager and goes by the name Tony Heart.

When I made it inside of the store, I already knew that I was going to have a bad job experience. The inside of the store smelt like a sanitation field, floors were muddy, and I was worked like a slave. The job position that I applied for was bagging groceries, but it seemed like working three jobs in one was a normal thing. Tony was the most menacing manager that I’ve had, because whenever he sees my presence my presence the first thing that he needs out of me is a case load worth of work. Slowly walking towards him, I annoyingly asked,” What do you need me to do now?” He then angrily said,” I need you to go outside and bring all of the carts back inside the store, and I need you to clean the dirty bathroom. After you are done with that you can come bag the groceries.” Then I started bagging groceries for a female customer who had thick hips and a cute dress with red roses, who was only buying milk and eggs when the manager told me to go outside and bring some more carts in back inside. I could no longer take the heat from the sun cooking into my skin and the sweat dripping down my face anymore, so I angrily and loudly said to my manager, “I am not coming back, good luck and peace”! After that, I walked out of that run down, sanitation field smelling, muddy floored building and never looked back, and I then said to myself, “Thank you Jesus I’m free.”

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