My First Travel Experience to America

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In the summer I went to America, it was my first time visiting America. The cities I visited are Sanediego, Orlando, New York, i had a blast when I went to Orlando because it has the biggest Disney Land which is amazing. But, not everything went like I wanted it to be. We had a terrible problem that we couldn't do anything about it.

We were going to the airport and every member of my family came. We arrived at the airport and my brothers and sister were all around the airport they ran away from my mom and dad. My sister Hala shouted “ Candy ! Its all mine”

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She was so hyper, that she ran away to the toys ille. My brother went to the electronices area where all the excitement happens. My brother begged “ Dad, can I have these speakers even though I have them at home but, its not the same color. Please”

Dad replied “ You don't need one Saif you already have one, end of conversation lets go!”

They called our flight and we were running to the door. Before that my sister took her ticket because she cant buy anything without showing the cashier her ticket. We went to the door as quick as we could and went in the airplane. Suddenly while the airplane was flying up my mom said “ Is Hala here?”

I replied “ Hala was with you’

Mom said “ no she's not, we forgot her at the airport”

Dad said “WHAT NO”.didn't

We didn't know what to do my dada was telling my mom to calm down. He said he knows what to do but actually he didn't. Dad was just telling her telling her he knows what to do if for her to calm down. My dada told me to look behind me she might be hiding, we didn't find her anywhere in the airplane. My dad called his brother because he works in the airport and he is a manger. My dad told him about my sister, he said he will send people to find her. After thirty minutes my uncle called my dad and told him that he found her.

My uncle to her to my moms sisters house to live there untill we come back. i didn't really enjoy the vacation because my sister wasn't with me but we had fun. When we came back we had little problem, actually a big problem. One of our bags were lost, my brother left it while he went to buy candy then he didn't find it my dad said “ it must of been stollen or something has happened to it”

We told the security the security said that he found a man sitting on the side with the same bag.

We went to the man, the man regained my brother face and knew we came to to didn'thim for the bag. The security took the bag and opened it. It had makeup and my moms name on it and some of my hair products. The didn't know what was in the bag thats why he took it, he thought there was money inside. This was my worst travel experience ever!

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