My First Year in Joining Lacrosse

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I experienced my biggest failure when I first joined lacrosse as a freshman. When I first joined lacrosse, I was both inexperienced and had no knowledge of the sport. I participated in the sport to experience something new. I made this decision shortly after the season started, so I missed the instructions leading up to the development of the skills. My first week of practice was torture. I did not know the movements, the rules, and the overall purpose of the game making it exceptionally harder for me to stick with the sport.

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After a prolonged week of practice, my team and I had our third game of the season. The girls on my team told me that they were anticipating this game because it was one of the easier opponents we would have the whole season. Since one of our starting players became injured during the game, my coaches substituted me in for her. It was the most rewarding yet nerve-wrecking moment of my life. It was rewarding to know my coaches saw something in me to substitute for her, but it was no surprise that I did not master her position very well in my first game. It was my first time playing on the field with girls who have played since they were young. Our team failed to win an easy opponent due to our lack of communication and my lack of understanding the plays.

Though we loss together as a team, each of my teammates encouraged and reassured one another that there is always room for improvement. My team and I did not win a single game until our second season during my sophomore year. Leading up to our second season, we practiced extremely hard to earn a win for ourselves. It took a lot commitment and dedication to the game resulting in a few girls quitting along the way.

Nonetheless, we stuck together and I can honestly say my team is the reason I love lacrosse so much today. I developed a passion for the game unlike any other sport. My team became a family to me on and off the field. I worked with many of my teammates to make myself better. I worked with my coaches Saturday mornings to understand what I did wrong during practices and games. These additional practices to the ones held during the week have made me a better player. Through these practices, I have learned my weaknesses and strengths. I couldn’t be more grateful for the lessons I have obtained from playing lacrosse. Had it not been for lacrosse, I would not have understood what it means to work hard and give up time for something you want to succeed in. My sophomore year I was awarded the Coach’s Award due to my consistent efforts and my drive to do better. It was an incredible feeling to be recognized for the amount of time I put in for the sport. I was new to the game and fairly terrible at the sport during the first season, but my desire to do better helped me to overlook that failure and anticipate greater things in the future by pushing myself to do better.

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