My Friend Who Became a Stranger

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We all have our friend that is so special and close to our hearts. These friends serves as our buddy and companion in everything we do. But what if the friend we value the most betrays us? Will you able to work it out despite of the misunderstandings you are going through?

Long time ago when I was in my elementary years, I meet my friend who has been my best friend way back then. He was my childhood friend because we are neighbors and we’re classmates from grades one to six. I am a shy type of person and prefers to be alone but he took the risk of trying to be my friend and he then succeeded. First, he approached me but I didn't mind him. Next, he always annoys me to catch my attention but it didn't work. Then, lastly he helped me carrying my things from school that is heavy and bring it home since our houses are just near. So, I decided to be nice to him because I realized that it’s more fun to have a friend and there’s nothing wrong to socialize with other people. Later on, we became very close. We had fun being together. We play different games, we do pranks to our classmates, and we go home together every after class. I treated him as bestfriend while he treated me as his sister since he doesn’t have one. I became more comfortable in entrusting my secrets to him. I considered him as my partner in all areas of my life because he is always there when I needed him.

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But, the time came that he betrayed me. He betrayed my trust in him. He fell inlove with me and broke our deal that there should be none of us that will fell in love with each other. But he did. Things started to change. Our friendship started to cold. Our treatment with each other became very awkward. The next day, I just find myself guilty of being mad at him. Mad because I just don’t want to lose the friendhip we had. But not knowing that we already lost it. Days, months, and years passed. We don’t know each other anymore. We became strangers. We started as strangers and ends being a stranger. Everytime we cross at the corridors, we don’t talk. We don’t hang around anymore as we used to do. After that, we decided to walk away. He gain new friends and lived with his own ways. I also met my circle of friends and continued my life without my buddy and partner in crime. We realized that not all friendships are made to last. What happened to us became our motivation to handle family and friend relationships with maturity and with more understanding. Later on, we get used of living our lives without each other. The pain is there but we already decided to treat each other just as normal friends only.

So, even though we tried to bring back our friendship, we didn’t able to work it out. Maybe we are just made to meet but our closeness is never meant to last.

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