Why I Want to Be a Barber

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Why I Want to Be a Barber

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  • Introduction
  • Why I Want To Be A Barber
  • The Benefits of Being a Barber
  • My Plan
  • Conclusion


As we continue our senior year, the reality of our future comes closer and closer. Some of us are going to go to college and some of us are going to just get a job. There are some of us that haven’t even made our decisions for after graduation, but if it’s not already planned it needs to be soon because it’s coming quick. After high school, I plan on becoming a Barber. In this why I want to be a barber essay, I will explain how I can really see it becoming one of my passions and I will take all the steps that I need to in order to achieve my goal.

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Why I Want To Be A Barber

My chosen career that I want for my future is a Barber. Barbers take care of all of a guys hair-related needs. Working as a Barber means that you deal with any haircuts and hairstyles that a guy will want. When you work as a Barber, you should also know how to deal with facial hair too like the beard, mustache, and eyebrows. To become a Barber at someone’s shop you need to make sure you have your high school diploma and a state barber’s license. To become a Barber at your own shop you need those same things plus also lot’s of other things like getting all the permits and licences that are required by the state. A Barber make anywhere from $9 – $30 an hour and about $19,299 – $70,991 a year. That all depends on so many things, but some are how much education you took, the certifications you have, how skilled you are, and how much time you’ve been working as a Barber for. There is a lot of competition with Barber’s, but if you’re good enough you can make it to the top.

The Benefits of Being a Barber

I want to become a Barber because there are lots of benefits and opportunities that come with the Barber career and I can imagine it being one of the passions I have. I like the idea of working up to being an owner of a barbershop, working whenever I want, and having people work for me. When I start as a Barber I will have to work for other people, but that’s okay because I’ll still be a Barber and that’s the main focus. Eventually I want to work my way up so that I can have my own shop and have the freedom of being my own boss. I will be able to work however much I want to and charge my clients however much I want. I find it so interesting when my barber cuts my hair, that’s also why I want to be a Barber. Learning about being a Barber is one of the very few careers that actually catches my attention. It seems like a good career to have and it will always be around since guys will always want their hair cut. My ultimate goal is to become a famous Barber with lots of money that cuts famous peoples’ hair.

My Plan

To become a Barber I will have to follow many steps and take my time planning it all out. The very first thing I will do is graduate high school and then try to find a Barber that will teach me the basics of the career. I can watch how they do it and maybe even attempt to cut hair to see if it’s what I really want. When I decide, I will have to find a school or program where I can get my Barbering license. Once I have my license I can find a job at any barbershop to get more experience. After getting lots of experience and getting my own clients I will start my plan to become a barbershop owner. I’ll have to carefully look into how much money I will need and if I will need to take out any loans for my business. I’ll also have to get my business license and any other licenses or permits that are required. When I get all the legal stuff I will have to get the smart things like insurance for the shop and all of that. I will place my barbershop somewhere that I know lots of customers will come and I’ll try my hardest to get my shop out there. Eventually I can be so skilled and known that I can be a Barber for a famous person and earn lots of money.


After doing my research I still want to pursue the career of becoming a Barber because there’s so many opportunities and it is a career that will never go away. The Barbering business will be around forever and I think it’s a great choice for what’s to come in the future. I know that if I want to get to the top it will take a lot of hard work, but in the end it’ll all be worth it because I’ll be doing what I love while getting paid for it.

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