My Future Career of Engineer: Goals, Knowledge, Skills

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The carrier is a crucial point of humankind. every individual has a desired goal in his life to building a good career. It determines by our status in the community and living style there are managing that should be taken into consideration while selecting a carrier. I will discuss my future goal and information about my Career in subsequent paragraphs. To commence with, I want to become a construction engineer because the work of a construction engineer is visible across the environment in which we live. I am going to give you some background information about the thing that made me interested in choosing a construction engineer. When I was young, I always wondered how the buildings were built. I thought of building architecture design and dynamic involvement in the construction. From middle school, the idea of studying construction engineering in college got stuck in my mind.

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That's why I worked in cube construction as a junior engineer for the last three years where I get practical knowledge about the construction of different buildings

I assist my senior engineer with various jobs of construction like coordinating with the project manager to check the assessment working of the construction process. I also monitor the life cycle of all projects and prepared all projects I am also responsible for providing the technical support and physical layout for all construction projects. I am very passionate about my work in the field of construction engineering. I thought that was the best base-building step for the achievement of my goals. now I want to pursue my further education abroad to enhance my knowledge in my field of construction. it will also give me the official status of construction knowledge. in my point of view, the study in abroad gives more opportunities to candidates for making a career in the related field. if you have an international degree, you have more chances to be a part of the reputed company at your destination higher designation in the related field. I will enroll in a repudiated University College which will be public and under the control of the government. my university will have the best professors and different types of teaching strategies which will develop qualities in me to meet the various challenges of society. I will be also given some practical projects for my program. I will also keep this thing in my mind when I am choosing a country for my further study that country will behave less crime rate as compared to other countries and it will be one of the happiest countries in the world. the education system of the country will be best known in the world for higher education.

In conclusion. As we all know every employer needs many things in employees. Such as practical knowledge, and communication skill. As a need employer, I have plans to drive with their action to attract their attention. I am going for a bachelor of architecture technology and construction management via University College where I will focus on practical knowledge which will benefit my future while recruitment.

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