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Healthcare Management is a field that I’ve always been interested in; therefore, I plan on doing a master’s degree in this field. This field has a big job growth rate, and that would be very helpful to me in the future. In the healthcare management field, there are many career choices from clinical managers to Hospital Chief Executive Officers (CEO). After I complete my master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, I plan on becoming a Health Care Manager. I feel this position will not just benefit my future but also the healthcare industry as well. It would benefit the health care industry because it makes a difference in everyone’s lives. After all, they keep the hospitals, clinics, emergency care, and nursing home facilities up and running! Without a manager, it would be hard to do budgets for the medical facilities and to oversee everyone is safe and doing the right job.

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I would like to be in a sector within healthcare services and facilities. Under the healthcare services and facilities, there are many options for workplaces such as clinics, hospitals, nursing home facilities, and emergency care. I think working in a clinic or a hospital would be something that I would be interested in. I think working in a clinic and a hospital would be a great fit for me because I love to interact and help people a lot. Healthcare Managers require lots of hard work, and I wouldn’t mind that in the future because a lot of my peers and family say that I’m extremely hard-working. They work very hard to maintain a clinic or a hospital. Some responsibilities include hiring and training employees, producing schedules, direct all financial operations, conduct meetings, marketing, applying policies in the workplace, increase clinical growth, and supervise billing.

Healthcare Managers have a great range of working conditions. Firstly, there are interpersonal relationships. Next, there are physical conditions. Then, there’s work performance. Lastly, there are hours and travel. Under interpersonal relationships comes a lot of good communication and interaction skills. Also, being able to oversee the safety of your employees and others as well. Under physical work conditions, most healthcare managers must work only indoors. They are likely to be exposed to diseases or infections while interacting with patients, occasionally may have to wear safety medical gear, and work near others such as sharing office space with other faculty. Under work performance, health care managers are required to be exact in their work. A small mistake can stop the clinic or hospital from running smoothly. Healthcare Managers usually work full-time. They may work longer hours due to emergencies and may work nights too depending on the hospital or clinic.

I have decided that this is the work I will be doing for most of my life, due to many reasons. My first reason is that I have grown up watching my father being a hotel manager; therefore, I’ve been interested in management. I saw my father hiring and firing employees, conducting budgets and other financial operations, preparing meetings, and enhancing marketing as well. I always used to enjoy what my father would do for the hotel, and sometimes I would help my father out as well. I helped my father make work schedules that were convenient for the employees and my father as well. Also, I’ve seen how my father communicates with customers; therefore, I got interested in communicating with people as well that I started checking in customers into the hotel after the 2nd grade! I extremely enjoyed management a lot and was sure that I would do it in the future.

However, my father was never in the healthcare field, but I’ve been interested in the healthcare field because of my pediatrician I would visit when I was younger. Frequently going to the pediatrics office when I was younger like around when I was fourteen years old is when I had decided that I want to work in a hospital or a clinic. I liked the pediatrics office and wanted to work in one too. Then, another reason is a friend of mine. She’s two years older than me, but she’s the one who was studying Healthcare Management in college. At first, I was shocked because I didn’t know there was such a thing as that. From that day, I decided that I will be a healthcare manager and spend most of my life working as one too because I remembered that the job duties will probably be like my father’s but in a medical setting. Spending most of my life working as a health care manager would be great because I would love my job and extremely enjoy it as well. I think that someone who loves their job and enjoys it then nothing will go wrong because love can never go wrong especially towards work. I also feel that doing this job for most of my life would benefit the world as well. By having healthcare managers our hospitals will be running in a good manner and that can impact the world by providing great healthcare facilities; therefore, someone wouldn’t have to fly overseas to get better healthcare treatment/services. Also, if we have healthcare managers, we can expand the healthcare industry by bettering our hospitals, clinics, emergency care, and nursing homes; therefore, by bettering we can expand it and spread it to the world.

Healthcare management is a field that I genuinely want to do and would love to expand in my future. Also, I would greatly enjoy the sector under health services and facilities; therefore, a hospital or a clinic is my preference. In the future, being a health care manager would be the best fit for me. Healthcare managers are needed not only in the present but also in the future as well. This would be a great job that I can do for most of my life since it will be active in the future and since it is something that I’ve been used to seeing during my childhood years. I would love to change the world and when I decided that I was going to become a health care manager, I thought that I will change the world by becoming one. I want to spread healthcare managers around the world and go to poor countries and help people out there by providing medical facilities with managers. It may take some time still since I haven’t finished my education yet, but once it is done, I just can’t wait!         

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