My Girlfriend as My Hero in Life

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The word hero can be defined in several ways. A hero can be someone who flies around in a cape with superhuman power and the ability to see through walls or a hero is someone who preservers through hardship and gives you a completely different outlook on the way you live your life. My definition of a hero is someone who never lets you give up on yourself, someone who is your inspiration and the light you see when everything else is dark and scary. My personal hero is my girlfriend because of her strength and personal disbelief of never giving up in life.

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I met MJ at the beginning of this year online. It started as me needing a new Facebook buddy, I was pretty sure that was all we would be was just online friends but little did I know that the universe had different plans for me and her. The first time meeting Mj was a little nerve-racking and scary at first but within five minutes of meeting her, I knew then she was an extraordinary person. She just clicked with my baby brother which I fall in love with. She could make anyone smile and laugh with her awful funny corny jokes she always seems to have. But those short-lived months with her seemed to fall very quickly. MJ fell into a stage I would call semi-depression of not caring about anyone or anything in the world. She was no longer the goofy, caring, and helpful person I came to care so much about. We spent two weeks fighting, screaming, and arguing with each other I just couldn't take feeling nor get treated like crap. But I was too stubborn to give up on her and I stood by her side through everything no matter what she did I promised myself I couldn't leave her alone in this cruel world. Finally, a month passed and we finally talked without fighting and she told me all her problems I knew then that she was the strongest person that I have ever gotten to know. Through the hard times she was fighting alone in her head I realized she was a hero because even tho she had all her problems; she was always there helping me with mine or listening to me when I needed a rant. She was always there, always caring, and always listening when I needed her the most even though she had her own problems. That is why Mj is my hero because it takes a super-strong, caring, and loving person to help so many people with their lives and still be able to carry the weight of her own problems without drowning herself completely.

MJ's inability to give up on life began to shine down on my perspective of the way life should be lived. In my view thinking existence was always going to be easy and comfortable with no issues however that is no longer reality. Life has its ups and downs and you must take the good with the bad but don't let the bad out way the good. She is my hero because of my definition of a hero, She was my inspiration to get out of bed every morning back in August and to keep pushing and living life with never giving up no matter how much I just wanted to take the easy way out she would never let me. She is and should be everyone's definition of a true hero because she never lets anyone go unhappy or miserable if she can help it. She has taught me no matter what life throws at you, you take it by the horns and shove it so far back down it can't come back up.   

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