My Goal and Things I Would Like to Change About Myself

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My name is Abdulaziz Mubarak, I was born in 2002, Since I was little, I had hoped to make something special,I learned to swim while I was 4 years old, I learned to dive,

I had big dreams, My dreams have grown and grown since I entered adolescence

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As the responsibility and the burden of studying in high school increased. My goal is to to complete my education abroad either in the United States of America

Or the United Kingdom. I know that life is difficult, but my dreams do not know the impossible. 

Actually, I am in the 12th grade. I am pleased to be a part of this great school with the such amazing teachers and friends, they are loving and helpful. However, I can say that I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish anything without my family’s support. My father is a writer and a journalist. My mother is a businesswoman and a lawyer. Both my parents love their job. My parents taught me to value the time, and work hard and seek what is best for me in order to find my purpose. 

Moreover, lately I discovered a new thing about me and it’s that, I love to manage my time and to create a healthy routine to develop self- discipline. Also, I have been taught all these value from my mother and father. My Mother is my inspiration. She believes in me and also my potential. I am so inspired by mother and I seek to become a strong independent person in a young age in order to make her proud of me. 

I have realized that time is really precious and that a person should practice in utilizing their time. Furthermore, I have realized throughout the years the good value of discipline and time. I love having clear goals in my life. And also, to manage my time. 

What I can say is that my life is full of achievements and experiments. I have struggled in my studies but I am trying harder to increase my knowledge. This experience has truly taught me the significance of not giving up. I will continue to improve myself to be the best version of myself. To conclude, no one can describe themselves in a few sentences. To conclude, Life is off Corse meant to be lived with a simple and clear vision. I am thankful to my mother and father school teachers and my classmates and friends for being their beside me in every step.

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