My Goal to Become a Barrister of the Law in Criminal Law

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From the beginning of high school to the end, I always wanted to become an optometrist, however I found out that that wasn’t the right career path for me. Harvey Spector showed me that Law was a fascinating subject and interesting as each day is a different day. I’ve chosen for my final career to become a Barrister of the Law in Criminal Law. Honest, reliable, hardworking some of many words that describe who me as a person.

Thriving in a learning environment is one of my best attributes. It is proven and witnessed by members of College staff and the local community. Organized, self-motivated and able to meet deadlines. Whilst being a student at Burnage Academy for Boys, I achieved the ultimate goal of passing with flying colours in my GCSE’s. I always had my eye on being successful, whatever stepped on my way didn’t block me from giving up it gave me more motivation and determination to get through. it has been told I was a guy to trust and reliable, a man who always stuck by his word and never failed, that man is still present in this very day and in this very second you are reading this. When I am not studying I enjoy researching about science, technology and reading various law related publications. This helps me keep up in life and increases my knowledge.

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I have accomplished many achievements that I am proud of. I have achieved an award for participating in the Pakistani Independence day parade for two years and have been published in many UK and international newspapers. In 2015 I was a member of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. This involves camping, gliding, flying, drills, shooting and DofE. The disciplinary and knowledge has stayed with me. One that cadets could let loose and be themselves and openly talk with me shows that I follow the character of Diana, Princess of Wales, Donna Paulsen and many more amazing people that we can be ourselves to.

I had a one-week placement at Blustons opticians; my main duties were being an admin, helping and see the life of an optometrist. I feel that my hard work was recognized during the week and gave me an open opportunity to peruse in optometry if it was destined. I have an obsession in voluntary work, Libraries across the Manchester district and open events. It has allowed me to develop communication skills, self-confidence and teamwork. Law is a career that is respected and followed by everyone. After being declined from voluntary work in a number of law firms, I took the initiative to watch cases in Manchester Magistrates Court in the public gallery. From observing I have acknowledged the subject of law and got along with the members of staff.

Law is a TIME & SLEEP Business, where you give people TIME in order to fix problems so they can SLEEP at night. As a barrister it will give me opportunity to help others, representing clients and progress. As Malala once said “One book, One Pen, One Child, One Teacher can change the world” I Truly believe the tutors at your University can change my world and lead me to succession.

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