My Goal to Further Develop My Skills in Counselling

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I am a positive and friendly character with an optimistic attitude. I will go above and beyond to make sure everyone and everything is on track. I am motivated and will see things through to completion, no matter the obstacles in front. I have a creative and practical approach to problem-solving, where an idea is always well thought out because ‘if you fail to plan you plan to fail’. I am a good time keeper, which means I am usually the first to arrive waiting for everyone else. Nevertheless, as William Shakespeare once said, ‘better 3 hours too soon, then a minute too late’. I can adapt whenever the time calls for it and will remain hardworking until the last word, of the very last essay. I am kind, empathetic, compassionate. I have the drive to empower people without creating dependency. I will not claim my qualifications unaccompanied will blow away the other applicants, or even that I have some exceptional skill which makes me more suitable than anybody else. I have brilliant grades, I’ve done a vast amount of volunteering, several extracurricular activities, and have had paid employment. Nonetheless, this does not set me apart.

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What sets me apart and makes me completely unique is my drive to succeed and outstanding work ethic. I stand strong with the belief usually with support and encouragement, everyone has the potential to become the best version of themselves. Thus, becoming positive contributors to the community. Getting this qualification will enable me to engage with young people more and it will encourage me to develop myself further as a role model. I like being able to develop the social skills of young people as well as educating them in areas not taught in formal education. This career is right for me because of my personal experiences. I have grown up around families and individuals who haven’t had the structure and support to become motivated in achieving their goals and I have benefitted greatly from youth workers and want to continue the legacy. I would like to further my knowledge on the counselling skills to support young people, as well as the issues many young people face and how to best address them in a friendly and approachable manner.

I currently volunteer with two youth providers where I have developed the skills and knowledge needed to study this course. I assist in the running of the youth sessions. I’m often tasked with greeting young people who wish to sign up to the provision. I work with local organisations such as; Newham Council and the Young Mayor’s office to prepare and execute events and projects. This is a great outreach tool for the youth centre. I have worked with many groups of young people, such as; female-only sessions, LGBTQ+, and Self-defence. To prepare me for University, I was involved in the Brilliant Club in both 2013 and 2016. Attending this project has improved my essay writing skills, meeting deadlines, and has given me an insight into the different teaching methods. For example; seminars, lectures and tutorials. I completed this course with a 2: 1 in Philosophy and a 1st in Archaeology.

Another passion of mine is music, specifically Rap, Spoken Word and Music Production where I express my feelings about world issues and personal experiences. I have been involved in the creative industry for as long as I can remember, from being cast in a musical in Primary School to being awarded by ABRSM, Grades 2, 4 and 5 in Trumpet. I have played amongst the National Youth Orchestra (NYO). Whilst I was in secondary education, I was one of the few selected by my school to become a Young Promoter. I was responsible for the digital media designs, as well as the promotion for the events whilst working directly with musicians, students and staff to achieve the maximum attendance possible at each event. I have prepared and hosted both pre-concert and post-concert talks at many renowned venues in London.

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