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My Goal to Get a Position in United States Air Force

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“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.” Colin Powell could not have said it better. Since I was fourteen, I have been searching for the answers on how to be successful and most importantly becoming wealthy. I now understand that money doesn’t make one prosperous and I already obtained all the traits within. My mind and body were already rich due to my motivation, dedication, and desire to community service and helping others. I have ambition and fortitude. In high school, I joined every academic club and sporting team just to hone in on my self-confidence, learn how to become resilient and overcome adversity. If given the opportunity to become an officer in the United States Air Force I would have a greater sense of duty and achieve higher goals for not only myself and family but for my country. I will bring authenticity, honesty, and integrity to the Air Force.

In the past, I have maintained a variety of leadership positions which required a certain set of skills, sacrifices and time management. Through leadership positions, I take pleasure in being meticulous, creative and flexible. Since I have interacted with a diverse set of individuals, mentored students, and worked in groups; I’ve learned how to be a diligent follower. I am energetic, open-minded, and charismatic. I’m confident as an officer there will be an opportunity to overcome new challenges, the potential for personal growth and the ability to display my strengths and focus. I am a devoted, passionate hard worker, and I always give everything I have no matter how small the task is. Last year while volunteering for Sound the Alarm, I was provided with the privilege of installing smoke alarms in homes throughout Austin, Texas. The joy and gratitude the families displayed having a new fire alarm with working batteries will forever be impressed upon my memories. Making their lives better and having tangible results inspire me to continue helping people. I love to travel, learn and experience new things. I am an effective leader with a clear aspirational vision to be of an assistance and encourage others. I was the founder of Students Against Destructive Decisions in my high school because I realize the need to educate and keep students safe from becoming a victim of substance abuse. While I was obtaining my bachelor’s degree I worked various jobs which improved my ability to be organized, have patience and become accountable for my own finances, education, and well-being. I know I have what is required to be an Air Force officer: with proper training, I’ll be able to adapt, excel, expand my horizon and broaden my skills.

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In closing, my goal is to earn an Air Force Commission because I know the excellence of life and career stability it will provide outside of the civilian sector. I am looking forward to becoming a member of the nation’s greatest corporation. I sincerely thank you for your time, service and consideration of me for the Officer Candidate position in the United States Air Force.


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