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I am currently employed as a Senior Scientist at Johnson & Johnson, and while my position is interesting, and I am adequately compensated, I find myself wanting more from my work and from my career. My immersion in the personal care industry and hours spent on the bench mentoring and managing junior scientists have allowed me to develop a solid technical foundation in the field of cosmetic science. However, I am eager to understand the business side of the industry in greater depth. I am looking for a career where I can leverage my technical background to form entrepreneurial and collaborative partnerships and spark ideas to promote innovation. This pursuit of new knowledge and success has already led me to complete a Masters in Science at Fairleigh Dickinson to bolster my technical expertise.

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However, my career aspirations are to eventually work within the External Innovations Group at Johnson & Johnson. J&J has opened four regional Innovation Centers located in Boston, California, London, and Shanghai which work directly with External Innovation. These top science hubs are constantly generating new ideas to improve the quality of human health. The four hubs retain their own team of business, science, and legal experts who identify the most promising science and technology through early-stage collaborations with scientists, entrepreneurs, and academic centers. My dream would be to become a dynamic leader to oversee an integrated team of scientific and business experts and bring my vision across the three different sectors (Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Consumer). I also run a successful part-time tutoring business during my off hours.

For six years, I have taught middle and high school students in math and science on my way home from work. I learned firsthand the struggles of entrepreneurship and how easily it is to fail without the proper foundation of knowledge and experience. Pursuing an MBA would allow me to build on the lessons I learned from my failures and propel my business to the next level. RBS has a focused, yet flexible curriculum which will allow me to customize the coursework for my goals. I believe that the challenging and diverse classes and electives Rutgers has to offers in this program will not only push the limits of my independence but will also expose me to aspects of the business that I might not otherwise have had access to as a Scientist at J&J. I would be privileged to be accepted into an MBA program that would allow me to focus my interests in business as well as provide me with great career paths, resources, and networks. While I have been in a business environment for many years, there is still much I can gain from obtaining a business degree. With a strong foundation to build upon, I am ready to use my experiences to provide a unique perspective to my fellow students and instructors that will be highly valued in classroom discussions and in team projects.

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