My Happiest Day in My Life

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My Happiest Day in My Life

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Do you have that happiest moments in your life? Happy is when you feel joy in your hearts. James Oppenheim said “The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.” Sometimes when we grow up the happiness that we felt is beginning to limit because we began to distance ourself. Let me share to you my happiest day that happened in my life.

It happened back 2016, all of my cousin went to our house to celebrate my aunt’s 50th birthday.

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When we are all eating and chatting with each other, we decided do go to some tourist spot here in Butuan because we all are inspired with the videos that Kulas posted in the social media. Kyle Jennermann known as “Kulas” is a Canadian boy who posted travel blog “Becoming Filipino” who visited Philippines and experience a whole lot of fun by going to another places here in Mindanao and he also speak visaya that’s the reason why many Filipino love about him even if he is not one of us but he still tried to associate with them. First, we all went to the Butuan City Museum to know more about Butuan City and let’s not be ignorant to our own place, the guide started to introduced to us the history of Butuan on how it was formed and how they came up to Butuan name. It was so fun experience and we gain so much knowledge about our place.

Second, we went to Delta located in BonBon, while we are climbing up there all we see is some animals along the way first we all see a monkey, snake, birds and other more when we are finally up there we all see the whole Butuan, it was so wonderful, then we ride a zip line, it was so terrifying but once your in there it will vanished because of the amazing view up there all you can see is the trees and its color green that is very rich and refreshing to look. Then we went to Bood Eco Park this park is located in Brgy. Pinamanculan and less than 7km from the proper city. It is where the first mass happened in Butuan, when we get there we passed to the hanging bridge and the wind blows our hair you can see up there the brown water or what we called “suba” and after we crossed from the bridge, we are greeted by the giant cross. The place is so quiet and relaxing. There are still many places to go but we decided to stop there because we’re exhausted already, it was fun to know more about our place and to explore the beauty in Butuan.

That day I consider the happiest day of my life because I experience a whole lot of fun by going to another places and getting to know more about Butuan. If I will grow up I want to travel all the beautiful places here in the Philippines I don’t need to go another country because ou country Philippines has many beautiful places to offer.

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