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My Heroes – My Mom And Dad

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A hero is someone who protects others. Cherishes, admires them. Helps them out in difficulties with life. Thinks about their health and lifetime. They even risk their own life for you sometimes So, I chose my hero to be my mother and father because they would do anything to help me or risk their lives for me or some of my other siblings. So my heroes are my parents. They are the best thing you can have in our life. So cherish them, accept them for who they are before they are no longer around.

My heroes have helped me with lifetime problems, anxiety, growing up with homework, responsibilities, and the most important phase, being a teenager, which I still am. My heroes helped me growing up, telling me from right to wrong, teaching me things that I don’t know, and what I should learn, helping me when I got hurt and teaching me how to live life the right way. Helping me with math homework, helping me when I fell down the stairs a few times, and helping me when I went to the dentist, doctor or hospital. So this is why I picked my parents to be my heroes in this assignment. I hope this was a good choice.

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My mom was born in Bangladesh too, lived with his mom, dad, and siblings. A country with many different lifestyles and ethnicity, poverty and not a developed country. My dad was also born in the same country near each other. They did not take what they had for granted. Unless like us who are spoiled, fight over what we didn’t learn to order a restaurant today. When they did not sometimes get enough good and clean water to drink or to wash with. My mom was the quiet person, she loved her family very much, and was very religious (pious). My dad was the type of person who would work at a young age like; he was a really hard worker. He would work with his dad with the (Rishkas, Tomtom) car in BD, and farming during the very hot day. Even migrating here, he even worked really hard at his personal store, and mom took care of us 3, me my 1 year older sis and small brother, also a teenager bother. They are truly the greatest.

My parents are very cherishing to me. If anyone tried to hurt them in any way, the only God (Allah SWT) knows what they have coming for them. I would do the same for my parents. I would give my life for the least. This is why I chose to write the assignment about them. They are very arming and loving. Which is why I got a got life and still am, hopefully…I did.


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