My Impressions of Call of the Wild by Jack London

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My Impressions Of Call Of The Wild By Jack London

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The book that I read is The Call of the Wild. The Author of the book is Jack London and was published in 1903. The story is about dogs and sled pulling. The genre of the book ‘Call of the Wild’ is an Adventure Fiction Novel.

In the beginning of the novel, the book takes place where a dog lives in a big house in Santa Clara Valley with a man named Judge Miller. The home was half hidden among trees as it stands back from the road. Gravelled driveways approach the house with wide-spreading lawns under tall poplars. With great stables, rows of vine-clad cottages, long grap arbors, green pastures, orchards and berry patches.

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The dog is named Buck, who is male and of four years of age. He is a big 140-pound Half-Saint Bernard and Half-Scottish Shepherd. Buck is a determined dog who sees himself as a leader. In a page, Buck won’t go into the line until he’s in the front as the main dog. In another page, Buck manages to go a thousand feet pulling a heavy amount of flour. It is unclear what Buck’s goal in life is, but to me, it’s that he wants to be the leader of the dog pack.

In the story, Buck was taken away by Judge Miller’s gardener and has been carried around throughout the story, during his travels, he fought a man in a red sweater and was taken down with a club until he learned to respect a man with a club. He met three other dogs, Curly, a good-hearted Newfoundland. A big, snow-white fellow from Spitzbergen, who stole his food in Page 13. And Dave, he was a gloomy, tired fellow who desired nothing but to be left alone. He had no interest in anything, not even when the Narwhal crossed Queen Charlotte. Buck and Curly were excited, but Dave just raised his head and yawned, going back to sleep. The Narwhal reached Dyea Beach and Buck’s first day there was an absolute nightmare, every hour of it was filled with shock and surprise to the point where his heart was flunged into things primordial, there was no peace nor rest, not even a moment’s safety. All there was is confusion and action, every moment life and limb were in peril, these dogs and men were not of town dogs and men, but they were savages, all of them who knew no law but the law of club and fang. Buck never saw these dogs fight as wolfs before, but his first experience taught him an unforgetable lesson. Curly, being the friendly dog she was, made advances to be friends, only to be ripped by wolfs and died. Buck did not comprehend this and saw Spitz, running out his tongue in a way of laughing.

Finally, at the end of the story, Buck has become what known as a Ghost Wolf, leading his new pack of wolfs as if he was one, as he was raised as such by new strangers. He killed men before and knew that it had consequences, as his new human friend, was killed by the Yeehats. Buck in a fit of rage, killed them. Now running off into a wolf’s habitat and turning into one.

Call of the Wild was an interesting book that I actually enjoyed reading, people who like stories that are Adventure-Fiction would maybe enjoy this book as well.

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