My Impressions of Studying Macroeconomics


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I would have never thought that I would realize that my life had come full circle while I was in my AP Macroeconomics class. One day during class my life seemed to all connect in a strange series of events. I didn’t realize life all connected until I was able to look back, but that’s the funny thing about hindsight. It was one of the most important lessons that I had ever learned and I didn’t learn it until a few weeks after my senior year started. I learned the importance of hindsight and how it made me look forward to the future.

I will start with the ending of my story however it is really the beginning of my realization. I was taking AP Macroeconomics my senior year. The only reason I took the class in the first place was because my friends were taking it; it was a “if your friends jump off a bridge…” scenario. Regardless I was there and I actually enjoyed the class, in fact it was one of my favorite classes. We were discussing unemployment in class when my teacher brings up the economic crash of ’08. My teacher also told us that millions of lives were changed after the crash of the economy. I slowly came to the realization that my life was one of millions forever changed by that crash. In that moment I was able to learn the value of hindsight and look back on what happened in my life that made me who I am as well as what brought me to where I am.

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We were living in Pennsylvania at the time and back in 2008 there was an economic crash. Thousands of businesses had to cut back or even close because of it. Many people lost their jobs because of it including my mother. As a result she had to look for a new job. Long story short, after months of looking she found a job in Virginia and we were moving. When I go there it was a fairly easy transition and I had even joined the drama club. I lived there for two years only to move back to a different part of Pennsylvania to start my first year as a freshman. My time spent there was one of the best experiences of my life but after my sophomore year I moved to New York. I was devastated because in Pennsylvania I had found a place where I was truly content. Seeing as staying in Pennsylvania wasn’t an option I was dragged to New York. The transition was difficult but one of the things I learned was to deal with the situation you’re given. I was doing well living in New York in my junior year of high school even once again participating in acting. Then once again three-quarters of the way through the school year I moved once again. The school was still in New York and it would ultimately be the best experience I’ve ever had.

When I got to the high school where I am currently at and will graduate from it was the best transition that I have ever had. When I arrived here everyone was incredibly welcoming and I started to realize that life has a way of working it’s self out. I was able to connect with people in the drama club because I moved to Virginia and was in the drama club there. If I wouldn’t have moved there I wouldn’t have moved here at all. I wouldn’t even be writing this personal essay. The point is that everything that happened in my past no matter how much I hated going through it, brought me to where I am and made me who I am.

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