My Inspiration to Study Information and Communications Technology

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Throughout my life I have had a massive passion for playing games, it has allowed me to interact with people across the world and made my desire of having a future within the computer games programming industry grow more and more. It has engaged me in wanting to not only play games but in hope of learning to make them too and having a deeper understanding of the way’s games work.

Moreover, within one of the A-levels I study which is ICT, a topic area that caught my interest is coding, where I have recently coded a website which was a challenge. However, with my drive for the subject, it pushed me to do the best I could and in the mindset of determination came success. I have also recently read a book called “The Art of Game Design” with many chapters but my favorite being the “story game structures can be artfully merged with indirect control, visual design”. This explored the importance of layout effects for the audience and what mostly draws their attention. I believe this concept within the subject of computer games is more so creative thinking which is key characteristic about myself.

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In my school years, I have participated in councils such as working around sustainability and looking into different charities to raise money, examples of raising money would be events taken place such as cake sales and the Christmas box at the end of the year to give to the less fortunate. Earlier this year I have done work experience in a shoe shop which took me out of my comfort zone because it involved a lot of different skills. After a week, I picked up a variety of skills such as; time management, communication, enthusiasm, and self-confidence these are all essential to have and what would help me within the university atmosphere.

Sports is a physical activity that I regularly involve myself in, I love to play football and basketball in any free time I have and on weekends. This allows me to socialize with friends and is a good mechanism for stress relief and having an enjoyable time. In my school life, I have always held great punctuality and preparation so I am organized. Similarly, in the free time I have I like to do additional research into the many areas within the subject, I would like to study so I am more prepared and can have a better insight and understanding.

Another challenge I have faced is the young enterprise and my role within the group, we won at SWiM area final and qualified for the county for the first time in our school’s history which was a massive achievement, we also won several awards. My role was being leader of the stand for the sales which incorporated interaction and communication skills alongside with making a website which I had the benefit of because it was practical. The creation of the website is also relatable to the subject I want to study and can contribute to the idea of development and practicality of gaming.

In addition, to skills that can prepare me for university as well as my studies is the Duke of Edinburgh award. I completed months of doing a personal section which consisted of physical, volunteering, skills and the expedition itself. For physical, I attended the gym five days a week which gave me the achievement of dedication, for skills I chose an interest that would also develop my practical skills and to meet new people and that was swimming and I accomplished this on weekends. Lastly, for volunteering, I helped out in a charity shop which allowed me to engage with many customers and be open to new experiences which can be applied to for my future.

My motivation to study and then work in the programming of games industry is driven by my interest and passion for the subject and the development behind it. This degree would offer me essential practical and creative skills and a study that benefits and interests myself. I’ve accomplished additional research behind this subject and plan to continue to practice coding on websites and hopefully develop that further in great preparation for university.

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