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Without any kind of vaunting, frankly speaking, I would like to explain myself as I am, because I think that the things which are based on truthfulness stand forever.People generally boast too much like “I was one of the top students in my school and I used to win all the games in which I took part since childhood”.

Apart from this boasting, I would rather begin explaining myself as an above average student who always used to enjoy having fun in life apart from studies in his childhood.But, then as the time passed, along with the maturity I started getting interested in Mathematics, Science, History and especially English, as I came in the High School and secured a good percentile score of 99.19 in 10th standard.So, my parents also got excited with me and thought of me as one of the brilliant students and due to that, I chose science stream during my 12th standard which included Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Computer.

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During this time, I got a scholarship and was studying for free because of my good percentile in 10th standard.Whenever I had doubts related to anything I used to search it on Google.So, Google was my best friend since then. Also, it allowed me to secure very good percentile score of 95.56 in 12th standard.I always used to wonder how Google worked and was so excited to know how it can search so quickly.

After this successful journey, still, I was not complacent with myself because I secured those rewards because of mugging which was never a part of my style of studying. So, in 2013 I took a one year drop for getting admission into the top ten universities in India known as Indian Institute of Technology (IIT’s). This one year dropout might undermine my profile but, as I said I believe in speaking what is the truth.

This drop of one year was not because I could not seek admission into a good university but it was taken so that I can pursue my B.E from one of the top ten universities of India (IIT’S) and broaden my knowledge by doing research work. This gap of one year not only changed my mindset towards studies but also, allowed me to secure forty-five thousand rank out of fifteen lakhs of students giving this exam in my country which allowed me to clear the cut-off and get admission into the one of the topmost ranking public university known as The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Vadodara, ranking fifth in the state and seventy-second in India.

I knew that computer science is not a small branch, it requires a lot of basic knowledge.So, my main focus was on subjects like data structures and algorithms.Along with data structures and algorithms, I had a deep interest in subjects of designing like software designing, Database Management, .Net and Java.So, during my coursework, I did multiple projects which are mentioned in my CV briefly. Once I learned basic languages like C,C++, Java, I laid a lot of emphasizes on designing rather than learning more languages because I believed that logic for all languages is same, only the syntax changes.Apart from coursework projects, I also worked on a research paper of WBC segmentation using Watershed and Snakes algorithm for detection of malaria which got published in International Journal for Scientific Research & Development.

As I loved playing games a lot and watching science fiction movies like Ironman, I would say that after air, water and food, the next priority of mine would be games and I always dreamt of engendering something in the field of computer science and also, I see many people suffering from problems of health or other problems due to lack of technology around them.So, I want to indulge myself deeply into this field and devote myself totally so, that I can be somewhat useful to the society apart from being selfish.

Also, simultaneously I saw many successful startups like Amazon which not only had crores of turnover but has made people’s life easy, just making all things available on a single screen and buying everything on a single click. And I see that today most of the apps are available for solving every sort of problem but, still, I feel that the field of computer science is not a minuscule and needs a lot of amelioration. Also, in bachelors, we just had an overview of all the subjects and did not have a core and in-depth knowledge and understanding regarding those subjects so, that motivated me to go for masters in Computer Science.

Apart from this, I want to create something new which can be useful to large number of people. Since in my country we do not have all resources and high tech labs for research and also, I was a student securing descent GPA of 3.5/4 in my college. Due to all these reasons, even after getting placed in the second biggest IT company of India known as Infosys, I did not sign the bonds of the company as my main focus was of doing further research. So, I am very keen to get admission into one of the top universities of US like yours, so that I can do a research under a good professor and with all available resources.

When I saw the academic section of your university, it assured me of a bright future and a perfect match to the ladder of my future goals. Also, I saw many high profiled alumni on the alumni page of your university which inspired me a lot. Apart from this, I saw the profiles of the professors which created a tremendous impact on my mind to get admission in your university only. And especially, the location and campus safety exactly met my requirements. Due to all these reasons, I became too firm to choose your university only.

In the sum, lastly I would end up by asserting that I am a student who believes in assiduous work and putting all sincere efforts with full of dedication, which can be seen from my CV and letter of recommendation written by my professors delineated below and will be honoured to get an admission in one of the reputed university like yours.

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