My Interest in Sociology and What I Learned

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My interest in sociology sparked from learning about it in my Health and social care lesson and learning about the different theorists and how their theories affected society and showed how it ran. In my lessons I was part of debates which were passionate but relatable to everyday society issues such as sexism but also theories that link in with sociology like Marxism.

The Marxism theory is what interested me the most because I learned that peoples status and positions in life were due to their power and money and made me want to learn more about society and the way it functions and the difference between classes with the pros and cons that society brings. As well as this society is constantly changing whether this is to do with laws or socio economic factors, through recent UK parliament elections for example leaving the EU and how without the society we’ve built none of these changes would have even occurred, I have seen a clear divide in societies and would like to make this knowledge deeper. The Functionalism theory also links to how society compares to the human body people who follow this theory believe that health care should be private.

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I am also fascinated by debating about political and sociological views and enjoy working as a group but also doing essay writing about issues to do with sociology and want a better understanding of the dynamics of society. My thought process makes me proactive which allows me not only to understand my point of view but also someone else’s which is useful in debates also I enjoy debating so it comes as a second nature to me to listen but also get my viewpoint across.

I took part in industry placement as part of my health and social care course which allowed me to work in a primary school and increase my knowledge on cultural/family backgrounds, I carried out 315 hours there. I have also had experience working in multiple nurseries where I worked with children from different backgrounds but also different needs whether these were disabilities or learning delays. During these work experiences I learned that it’s important to have knowledge about childrens cultural backgrounds and religions to know how to connect with them better. To widen my understanding of sociology I am going to read and further research and volunteer with at sociology related places to make sure I am prepared for my future career path.

These factors that have fascinated me and prepared me for wanting to study this particular degree in Sociology, which I foreknow will enable me to notice and develop my own viewpoint on these types of topics, whilst being able to do individual research to find out other peoples beliefs and what they stand for.

Over studying Sociology at college, I have been encouraged to realizing my own views on the systems in society. An example of this is I believe that religion allows an individual to express their inner emotional and beliefs and share them no matter what their social class is. After learning more about this in sociology and conducting my own research I furthermore firmly believe that religion gives a person a belonging and makes a platform for people to express their inner emotions without being judged.

When I am not at college, I enjoy watching documentaries or reading books that are linked with sociology to broaden my knowledge and for me to further understand its theories and the way society compares to it.

I am a compassionate and driven individual who is always looking to improve whatever I do whether this is to do with extra curriculum activities in my own time or voluntary work/work experience. I am also hard working and work to deadlines and do extra research in my own time. I also feel like this degree will help me to gain new skills but also help vulnerable people in the society around me with more in depth knowledge but also change lives. I have for sociology with others but also care for them as I have a caring nature from, I feel like my studies link in with sociology and make me a suitable student for it.

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