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My Interest in Studying Accounting and Finance to Become a Financial Analyst

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The first time I truly understood the concept of money was when I encountered the phrase ‘money is power, but power is encumbered by it. ’ Whilst growing up I realised that individuals who can interpret the fiscal and banking system are those that are able to better understand choices decided by politics and therefore the future of society. After completing this course, I will be one of those people. I am interested in studying Accounting and finance so that I can gain more knowledge of an aspect present consistently in everyday life and becoming a part of it.

In order to broaden my knowledge of both accounting and finance I have been reading books such as ‘Think and grow rich’ and ‘The accounting game’, of course while keeping up my subscription to The Economist. Reading articles like these have given me an insight into current affairs that I have been interested in but not taught at school. A story that recently caught my eye concerned Donald Trump and how he affects stock prices of companies, in this case Toyota. Trump posted a tweet that the company should base their new plant in the US as opposed to their planned space in Guanajuato City. Within two minutes stock prices plummeted and at the end of the day share prices were still down by 0. 5%. I am currently studying chemistry, biology and psychology all of which have been particularly useful for improving my analytical and writing skills, these improved skills will be very imperative for this course.

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I have recently started my part time job at an infamous London bar and I have already seen the demands of working life and also how enjoyable it can be. Working there has improved my communication and interpersonal skills with workers, employers and most importantly the customers. Managing finances at the end of my shift by comparing intakes and outtake expenses has also been a big learning experience due to it improving my maths, IT and comparative skills. It has also improved many of my pre-existing skills such as teamwork, management, problem solving and adaptability through different scenarios I have experienced. My role requires a lot of independent work which means taking initiative during busier periods, this skill is paramount in the finance industry.

During year twelve I volunteered at the Adè Adepitan centre, which is a respite centre for disabled children usually for a few days but under certain circumstances, longer periods of times. During my time here I experienced a lot of situations that I never thought I would be involved in and I am so grateful for my time there. Volunteering at the centre meant utilising my organisational skills as I was in charge of the team fundraising money for the centre, designing activities for the children to take part in such as face painting and budgeting for the revival of their sensory garden. Being a part of the team has made me realise how important charities are for families, knowing this I look forward to continuing my voluntary work and hopefully setting up my own charity one day.

Since the age of ten I’ve been immensely passionate about figure skating. Taking this passion and putting it into my training has been very rewarding, most recently I’ve competed internationally and at championships gaining medals at the two events. In the weeks leading up to a major event or competition it can be very stressful, however having been through this process numerous times I have learnt how to deal with the immense pressure and enjoy the success that comes after. My sport has taught me commitment, dedication, how to handle a loss but most importantly staying humble in victory. These skills will carry me forward in university and throughout my career in this field.

I am looking forward to completing a CFA qualification before graduating with a 2:1 or higher, becoming an intern as I want to gain professional experience in the financial workplace before completing a masters and becoming a financial analyst then possibly a CFO.


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