My Interest in Studying English Literature and Language

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My Interest in Studying English Literature And Language

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My choice to study English and creative writing derives from a long-term interest in reading, studying and critically assessing the English language. My ever-growing interest for the subject has led me to delve into a cross section of genres, varying from science fiction novels to historical novels. As the daughter of second-generation immigrants, expectations were placed on me at a young age to excel in science and mathematics and pursue a career in the medical field. However, English is the only subject I was, and still am, truly passionate about. I enjoy both the reading and writing aspects of English and would constantly read all sorts of books from a young age. I found solace in words as I could formulate my feelings better on paper than I was able to verbally articulate. Through books and writing, I could create alternate worlds as writing and reading fiction became my reality.

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Although learning other languages is a hobby, my interest always reverts back to English. What has kept me invested in the subject is the how and why many ideas and truths are communicated in, what I believe to be, a creative way which can be interpreted differently by different groups of people. Analysis of texts and lyrics soon became a recreational hobby. For example, listening to my favorite song on repeat gives me the opportunity to dive into the meanings behind the lyrics and allow me to decode the words. I recall one line from a song that has stuck with me “people talking without speaking – hearing without listening”, there is no serious understanding due to lack of communication and I believe the song reflects today’s society .

By studying English Literature and Language, in both my first and second year at college, I have broadened my knowledge and understanding of the language. I have done this by studying a number of set texts such as A Streetcar Named Desire, The Great Gatsby, Carol Ann Duffy’s Rapture poems and Stuart: a life backwards. My other humanities A-levels, which I believe marry well with English, have been critical in helping me shape my ideas into coherent essays that reflect my perspective on any matter that is being discussed. In A-level psychology, I gained relevant, transferable skills, including critical thinking, the construction of arguments and skills of analysis which I believe will help me in topics I study during my years at university. Film studies has given me practical knowledge, writing skills, the ability to work well with deadlines and cultural awareness, as the films I studied all contain different social, historical and political contexts. It has also increased my skill in creative writing as I had crafted and developed a screenplay for my coursework.

Media studies have strengthened my ability in critical thinking and my aptitude to research and cultural consciousness of the media and different creative industries such as television and magazines. I researched the context and social issues of films and magazines, enhancing my understanding of the subject which I believe helped me to better understand the historical contexts in which the texts were set. I believe my four A-level subjects have provided a strong basis for success in English and creative writing at university. In my free time I like to indulge in my avocations which include reading, watching films and documentaries, visiting museums, and keeping up with current affairs.

Personally, I feel that reading allows me to delve into a world with infinite possibilities and indulge in my creative fantasies. Watching films may be considered a past time, but I enjoy analyzing different filmmaker’s techniques and visualizing how the film could be created differently with an alternative camera angle or with different light positioning.

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