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Psychology. A small word with a vast, limitless concept which has made the nature of this subject hold a deeper meaning for me than just an academic area of study. As a minority ethnic, my curiosity emerged from imagining the brain as a blank canvas in which my life experiences have stained, carved and molded the artist it is today.

Through my enthralling conception of the human brain, I view every individual too unique for comparison despite outward appearance. This thought- provoking world of memories, perception, behavior and personality engages my inner artist to question how my masterpiece is different to the rest of the human race. From an early age, I have deliriously questioned why I am a distinctive individual from my family despite being composed of similar genetic makeup and this is how the nature of Psychology will continuously be embedded in my life in an indirect manner. In addition to this, I study two A- level subjects which intertwine well with Psychology.

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Through the study of English Language, where the theoretical understanding is interchangeable, I am able to link theories “Operant Conditioning by Skinner” between both subjects. This adds great depth of consolidation as I am strengthening my invaluable knowledge about the impact of reinforcement. In conjunction with this, the subtopic ‘Child Language Acquisition’ has evoked a sense of fascination as they are equipped in utilizing a psychological process of understanding, the complexity of human language whilst discovering the underlying grammatical structure of how to communicate using it, all within the first few years of their life. It is crucial in providing conditioning environments to young children as it will not only promote their conception but enhance the shape of their inner, unique artist. In addition to this, Biology is an academic area where I enjoy investigating logical explanations for scientific approaches and this is what Psychology intends to do. The satisfaction I gain from encouraging and helping different individuals is displayed by my work ethic inside and outside school. Voluntarily, I mentored a year 10 student with English difficulties twice a week; I empowered and motivated her to acknowledge her importance in the school regardless of her language obstacles, and took it upon myself to identify with her and my life experiences, empathizing that it was a daunting situation to be in. After 6 weeks, the feedback I gained from this was immensely positive, as her English and confidence had significantly improved. Making a direct contribution like this to someone's life is profoundly fulfilling for me combined with rewarding because I showed her the importance of self-belief which has shaped her confidence to flourish. Furthermore, by working for a retail company in a challenging, hectic environment I have been exposed to a variety of demographics from different backgrounds which has enabled me to help others based on their needs. The communication skills I acquired from this allowed my brain to expand upon ways I can efficiently interact with different people and utilize my gift of being multi- lingual.

Studying Psychology as a degree would enrich my knowledge fused with deepening my curiosity and I am certain I will be an asset to your university. I am acquainted with the fallacy that working class ethnic minority students have a tendency to underperform, therefore it is my goal to be successful and ensure others are able to embrace their unique differences in their masterpiece, because Psychology has taught me that it is what makes everyone beautifully distinctive. In addition, I am a determined individual who seeks to make a positive, direct contribution to everyone's masterpiece, because “helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person…”

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